Cerebral Accelerators BROKEN, using more than 2 in-a-row

Tried those Cerebral Accelerators from Halloween yet, that is if your firendly yellow blinking can stealer missed one?

Tried the first, hey nice gift
got another, waited out the 24 hours from the first, and used it too
wow, need more of these, but they expire in late November…

CANNOT use a third, despite Character Sheet showing implant slot 10 empty

been trying everything for 6 hours now…

All I find in searching is that these Cerebral Accelerators had bugs before…
looks like CCP got the month wrong, it just passed OCTOBER 28th
musta run out of fingers counting…

Same issue here, my second 1 refuses to expire. Ben like 10 hours now.

Well 15 hours LATER, downtime clears it. That makes this a rather useless gift, can only use once in two days and therefore, more than about 14 collected are a waste of time (not to mention how utterly easy it is to can steal the holiday loot with microjump drives around, and a near-constant spawn point -or landing point if you like- of the battlercruiser.

Only thing interesting in a day+ of chasing this Crimson Harvest is that a Battleship did appear once, but just had the same two boosters and alittle energy neuting tension… {%}

yeah the bugs been happening since last agency event. every day I had to wait after dt to use a new booster.

not even the second one is working. it says you cannot consume as you are already have another similar booster.

CCP breaks the Accelerators…again

who knew this would happen?

I have the same issue
after my previous booster finished , try to use one
and Surprise
" You cannot consume the Crimson Harvest Cerebral accelerator as you are already using another similar booster Crimson Harvest Cerebral Accelerator"
Checked my profile no accelerator running of course …
Create a ticket and see what happened…

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