"Brainfreeze" Cerebral accelerators Expired 2 days early

As the title says, I have some Extended “Brainfreeze” and some Potent “Brainfreeze” Cerebral Accelerators that I had planned to use before their expiration date on February 9th 2023 (per their ingame description), yet as of today February 7th 2023, they are already expired and I’m unable to consume them.

I already submitted a bug report, but I thought to post here to maybe get CCP to see this before their real expiration date, so they can fix them and I can get some brain skill juice flowing in my head.


What Shaktar wrote.

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What Shaktar wrote (Expiry Date 2023.02.09 10:59:00)

Apparently you should still be able to use them until the 9th (haven’t tried if myself though):

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Didn’t see that option (in game), though can’t trade them though anymore it seems at least (either).

And they are gone from the market as well.

Mine said expired as well, but the ‘consume’ sub command worked correctly.

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