'Hercules' Cerebral Accelerator?!


Why is the ‘Hercules’ cerebral accelerator already expired?!
Expiry Date is the: 2018/09/18 11:00, the market still full of them but not possible to buy or to sell them anymore.


These were expired a day early due to a change that was published today instead of tomorrow.

The team responsible are looking into making sure that this is part of their checks in future, and that early expiration doesn’t happen again.

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Could you confirm that they still consumable. So we could link this post in order to sell them? :slight_smile:

It’s not a “consumer confidence” thing which is slowing sales of these. They cannot be sold at all. You cannot find them when you search the market. If you have some in your orders and you right click them, View Market Details is not even an option.

@CCP_FALCON when will compensation be incoming for those with these still for sale (they had gone up 50mil in the last 24h alone)? Thanks.


Its like everything starts to fall apart. Even accelerators expire prematurely.

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Just consumed an “Expired” one. They still work.

Got to love it
Hey we screwed everyone who was selling these, but we are only going to say yeah we screwed you, and will try to make it not happen again. No we will figure out a way to fix it, maybe extend them or replace them with another one…

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Don’t forget the 239 rule of acquisition “Never be afraid to mislabel a product”

“These were expired a day early due to a change that was published today instead of tomorrow.”
I had two of them on the market when they expired.
I made a dev case : EBR-160595 , but it was closed without any answer about those two.
What is CCP going to do to compensate this early expiration ?

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this is what you can do

I had a stack of the learning boosters. They still worked for a while after the event ended. Prices were high and there were a lot of buy orders, but I decided to play the market speculation game and sit on my boosters until the last day, gambling that the prices might go up if supplies of the competition run short. Then CCP expired them one day too early and I effectively could not sell my stack.

This is bad, because it breaks the sandbox. Within sandbox, I was risking my fortune in risky market speculation. Then CCP makes outside intervention and ruins the gamble. As a player, I had no way to see this coming. I had no way to protect myself against this.

I created a support ticket. At first a GM tried to claim that this is normal game play with a silly claim “partially done so because of the way the Market is structured” (CCP Falcon’s post above proves that this claim was incorrect). After exchanging a few messages the GM ended with “The Player Experience team cannot help you here”.

I find this to be unaccpetable and unfair. Out-of-game mistake made by CCP made it impossible to cash in my market speculation. I think CCP has the obligation to reimburse the expired boosters.


The fact that CCP made an error is recognised above : “The items expired one day early.”.

We had items still in the stage to be sold, and it was big bet.
Items that were on market that day should receive compensation of average sold price.
Mistake is on CCP side, we should not be harmed by it.


I petitioned for reimb and in turning it down, the GM said something odd which of course I won’t quote. But can anyone confirm for me whether past accelerators were tradeable up until the downtime stated in “Expiration Date”?

I considered a market strategy like yours because the market history of accelerators is now well-established. When I read about this error I was sure someone got bit badly for going this route. Thanks for writing about it, and so calmly I can’t even imagine.

CCP, you made an error and you cost that character billions. What will you do?


I can confirm that the tens of different boosters from all previous events functioned fully until the day and time stated in the item info. Partial pre-expiration had never happened before as far as I can remember.

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Absolutely right.

You dont need to quote the exact response from the GM but you can give us a tip about the info you got. After all, this is a matter for all of us.

@everyone, good to meet all my concurents, who were downplaying my offers and taking price down. please to meet u at least !

@CCP_Falcon : where is this subject going ? fact is that CCP made a mistake, and everyone agree that it should be compensated.

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Haha! nice to meet you too! :slight_smile:

The actions that should be taken are pretty simple. CCP should compensate the value. The market was broken. I just add an example from real world. If you are working at the counter at the store and you make an error and give someone too much money back from their purchase, well you will pay the loss from your own pocket right?
Same here Team messed up so they need to pay the players for the damages for breaking the market on one item, Will it be the guys who made a mistake or CCP it really does not matter as long as players get the compensation. Direct ISK is kind of hard to use as that would mean CCP printing ISK for nothing, but a PLEX value based on that late price of the items can be determined. So I suggest that you give PLEX that will compensate the value lost to the players. And the PLEX can actually be paid by the team members who messed up.:slight_smile: .like in the real world. EvE is real I have heard said by Hilmar and others, So now it is time to show it!

These were expired early, but were still usable and functioning.

No compensation is planned for the 24 hours they weren’t able to be traded on the market.

Case closed, and since the thread has served its purpose, it’s also time for it to be closed too.