If Expired Cerebral Accelerators Should Be Listed as "Expired" on the Market

It’s not hard to figure out that Cerebral Accelerators expire, but when you purchase on the market, EVE lists them as current, whilst there is a hidden expiration date that you can only read once you 've wasted the ISK and tried to use it.

This is like Amazon sending you a cardboard cutout of a TV instead of a TV. Can’t blame players for continuing to take advantage of the scam but the EVE market system needs integrity.

R-click, show info? If there is no date there, it should work.
Also, what error message says and what exact booster your bought? From market or contracts?


From what I’ve seen, Expired items like cerebral accelerators cannot be listed on the Regional Market to sell. When I right-click on them there is no option to sell them.

I assume the accelerator gets listed while still usable, and it expires while on the market.

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There are some “expired” on market.

Boosters that can be expired should have date in attributes.


Quoting for emphasis.

You generally can’t list expired items for sale on the market, but items listed on the market that expire after they are listed remain on the market in an expired state. This seems like a reasonable way to handle things because having the server purge expired items from the market seems like a lot of hassle for very little benefit.

As always…caveat emptor

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