Why are there "expired" cerebral accelerators on the market?

Seem CCP had no trouble marking all the “winter event filaments” as unsellable once the event was over. So what’s the deal with cerebral accelerators?

Popped 60mil for one only to find it expired Jan 9? There is a mess of them on the trade market.

WTF? And how do I get my money back?

Event items often expire at the end of the event, or a short time after. There is nothing to prevent someone from putting them up for sale before they expire, for a time period that may extend beyond the expire date.

You should check items your buying to ensure they do not have an expiration date or any other restrictions that would prevent their usage.

Any sort of reinbursement would be handled by support only → https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011834800-Contacting-Support

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If they bought it in game, their loss. No reimbursement.

Buyer beware.

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While it may have been in innocent sale based on EVE’s sell past due date loophole, there are plenty of scams you have to look out for in the game.


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Yes. yes. I know. But seriously? How difficult would it be to code in a timer for items with expiration? Once the timer kicks, the item is removed from the market and returned to the owner.

You are not reinventing the wheel here either. I placed “event” items on the market and once the event was over, the game would not allow the item to be sold anymore. It even added the “Expired” to the name, unlike Cerebral accels. So the mechanics are already in the game.

At this point what players are doing is exploiting a flaw in the game by selling something useless in the Trade market itself which sets dangerous precedence. Even RL stores wont sell expired milk, and if they do you can return it.

Yep, in the spirit of exploiting the ignorance of new players in EVE, I put it back on the market and resold it to the next poor shmuck. Took a small loss is all.

But this really should be addressed.

Noted, and Contracts are full of scams. But this is the trade market itself which is a different beast. The only thing I’m concerned with there is the price of the item, not if the item even works. Same reason you cant sell used/damaged T2 Crystals on the market. You can only unload them through contracts.

Don’t blame the hammer for being used as a weapon.
Learn the lesson, find out about counter measures, do it yourself or help other newbros who also got scammed. “Change the rules and mechanics” is like complaining about the weather.

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Losses* are part of the game. Learn from it and carry on.

(*may them be ship losses, being scammed or any other kind)

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as other said
improve and learn from your mistakes instead of complaining about CCP

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Scams and bad deals are allowed on the open player driven Market, whose motto is caveat emptor or „Buyer Beware“.

Two can play at the scam game: Look in your market transaction history in your wallet and type up a great sob story to the person you bought it from and see if you can scam the seller back into buying the goods.

That is just your opinion. CCP maintains a list of declared exploits (which results in bans) and this is not one of them.

The game is a dark dystopia fantasy universe with an unregulated player driven market. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to take it as it is and rectify it with your expectations.

So appeals to real life:

Make zero sense in a fantasy world.

I see you’ve begun to embrace the sandbox:

This is the way, and if you can figure out how to turn a profit instead of a small loss next time, it is all legitimate gameplay. And if people start throwing names like „scammer“, you can correct them and say you’re an „excellent businessman“ with the wallet to prove it.


And with that you retroactively lost all moral grounds (may it be real or imagined) to complain about this mechanic and situation.

And don’t pretend you feel sorry for the guy you sold it to and don’t pretend you are any better than the guy you bought it form, because you pretended to be against all this yet you deliberately chose to scam someone with the exact same mechanic, making you actually worse than the guy you bought from and complain about.




There are players who collect expired items as souvenirs of past events too…


This really is a silly problem that shouldn’t even exist. You could fix it a number of ways:

  • Limit the duration for posting expiration items to 30 days, and don’t allow it to be posted if it expires within 31 days.
  • Automatically cancel market orders for expired items in the market 24 hours before the expiration date hits (so sellers can still make use of the item).
  • Make expired items auto-redeem upon purchase, rather than become an expired item in your item hangar.

For that matter, I see no reason why expiring items in the claim page and item hangars shouldn’t just auto-redeem for the player anyways? (obviously this only applies to boosters that you don’t have an active booster for, skins, skill points, etc. and not things like filaments and such)

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The reason you can’t sell damaged crystals is more like the reason you can’t sell Abyssals on the market: They are not generic.

All items sold under a single label on the market are completely identical, while abyssals have properties that are specific to that particular item and not replicated the same way across all items of its type. Damaged crystals also have the property that is not replicated across all items of its type that indicates how much health they have remaining.

This is why you have to repair and repackage an item to sell it on the market, too, since this is how you restore it to its generic state. Packaged items are all generic. Unpackaged items have their per instance values initialized so that they can be tracked.

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I can dig it. :upside_down_face:


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