Expired Cerebral Accelerators with Diminished Effectiveness

Title says it all. Say we have an event accelerator that default boosted each attribute 12 points for 24 hours. Maybe let the expired ones still be consumed at half effectiveness? Maybe add a drawback? Let our perks to decreasing booster drawbacks increase the effectiveness of an expired accelerator?
Just spitballing, I hate seeing in game items become virtual paper weights.

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I’d rather see some kind of NPC buyback program ‘for science’ to tidy them up. Not much, making them worth more active, but not be worthless.

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Save them for the next event and use them for scams.
But I like both your ideas.

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I have a recent accelerator that I forgot to sell that was worth over 200mil isk(local market) that I am kicking myself over, now that it has expired…

Yah, great ideas for recovering at least some of the value from them so far. Or at the very least be able to reprocess the accelerators in some way to get a little something back. Otherwise my hoarding habits will start to kick in… :confounded:

or remove them all completely ^.^

Or put them away for your retirement plan.

Oddly enough, they have all now been removed from the market.

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