Boosters for specific attributes

OK folks, just an idea to be pushed around the table and see what players think. How about cerebral boosters for specific individual attributes instead of ones for all of them. What do you think to having, say, boosters for just charisma or intelligence/willpower etc. depending on what you are training, but such prices would depend on complexity/how available they are to make/sell etc. and the demand factor?

Would be kind of cool to use boosters that affect what you need to train specifically etc., but, obviously it would come at a balanced cost.


No need, this already exists in the form of cerebral implants.

Ocular Filter: Perception
Memory Augmentation: Memory
Neural Boost: Willpower
Cybernetic Subprocessor: Intelligence
Social Adaptation Chip: Charisma

Limited implants give +1 to the relevant attribute, beta +2, basic +3, standard +4 and improved +5.


I believe she may be thinking of cerebral accelerators. Otherwise you’re right. OP also seems to be playing since 2015, so she should know about the implants.

If it’s about the accelerators then there is the problem of these being special items, usually only available during events. To split them up into each attribute isn’t bad, but may just be unnecessary. Of course they’d be cheaper and you’d only have to buy 2 instead of all 5 for instance, which may be OP’s way of saying she wants to have to pay less. The event runners on the other hand may end up with a bunch of undesired charisma boosters, which only sell for a low price. I don’t think it’s going to save that much ISKs. Intelligence and Perception accelerators will sell for a quite high price and likely negate any price savings.

Also, suggestions like these should go into Features & Ideas discussions.

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