Feedback about NES Accelerators

Anyway this is kind of CCP selling SP directly new method, but I have accepted the injectors so I tried it.

I got several pain points about using it.

  1. You cannot see the expiration time of each accelerators in NES, and cannot see how much you can gain very intuitively, as for experienced players, we can get all these spreadsheet from Google/Reddit, but this is definitely not good for selling them.

  2. Mostly I want to accelerate some out of my plan skills, this makes a pain to do this kind of decision, because if you try to train those skills without maximized primary/second attributes, you still lose some of skill points.

My advice here is getting rid of the attributes/biology system, just have a accelerator that gives you unallocated skill points daily, this would be very intuitive for new players how much they can gain and also resolves the 2nd issue.

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It doesn’t matter what skills you’re training while using accelerators, because the gain you get from them is linear.

It’s a very simple calculation:

(primary attribute + (secondary attribute/2)) * total minutes = total SP

So if it’s a “Standard ‘Boost’ Cerebral Accelerator (+4 to all attributes, lasts for 4 day’s or 8 days with the Biology 5 skill)” then the calculation would be:

(4 + (4/2)) * 60 * 24 * 8 = 69,120 SP

Doesn’t matter if you’re training off-spec, because the gain is always going to be that set number.

That said, yeah, I do think that CCP needs to simply show the final figure, and probably get detach the biology skill from training boosters and baseline the benefit since it acts like a hard requirement like the old learning skills did.

Also, groan at the grammar mistake in their own store copy.

I do not want to train off-spec since I have planned and I do not want to lose those off-spec points, but I want to those accelerated skill points into my off-spec skills or I can decide what to learn later, so the same number of unallocated skill points daily would be much better and more intuitive.

But that’s what I’m saying; it doesn’t matter. Whether you plug the accelerator in now or later, if it’s worth 50,000 SP, then you move up your skill queue by 50,000 SP. The accelerator doesn’t shave off a percentage of your training, which would scale with the training efficiency itself. It just gives you a flat amount of SP, except over time instead of instantly like an injector would.

The SP that accelerator gives is the same but the time you try to inject these SP to off-spec skill makes you lose the SP comparing to giving the same number of unallocated skill points to inject them directly into off-spec skill and still train planned skills.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Please provide a mathematical example.

Lets say my attributes are 32 26 for primary and secondary, 22 22 22 for the the rest.
I have +12 to 44 38, 34 34 34 for 24 days.

To maximize my gain, I can train (44 + 38 / 2) * 60 * 24 = 90,720 SP daily, which (12 + 6 / 2) * 60 * 24 = 25,920 from accelerator. for off-spec would be (34 + 34 / 2) * 60 * 24 = 73,440 daily, still 25,920 from accelerator. but then I have a off-spec skill I would like to inject for 440,640.

  1. Train this off spec for 6 days and back for planed in 18 days, It would be 440,640 + 18 * 90,720 and I got 2,073,600 in 24 days with +12 for 24 days.

  2. If accelerator gives me unallocated SP, I can injector the off-spec skill in 17 days, and still have 7 * 25,920 = 181,440 unallocated SP, the total SP in 24 days I got would be 440,640 + 7 * 25,920 + (32 + 26 / 2) * 60 * 24 * 24 = 2,177,280 SP.

The SP difference is I trained off spec for 6 days is (10 + 4 / 2) * 60 * 24 * 6 = 103680

Okay I think I see what you mean. You’re talking about time, right? In which case, yes, “free SP” is more “efficient” when being plugged into off-spec. In your OP you said that you “lose some of skill points” if plugging into off-spec, which isn’t the case (at least in the way I interpreted your words).

  1. Duration is # skillpoints x your Biology skill level. At max, the Genius lasts for 24 days.
  2. Remaps are overrated. If you can afford the NEX accelerators, the +12 bonus easily offsets anything.

+10% for the biology implant

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So uh… w/o actually diving into the math. Ill trust you on that.

You don’t account for real life. Math can’t account for real life. So, what you lose a tiny bit of SP/training time? I strongly doubt you will be here 24/7 using those skills you trained for anyways. Maybe you might be too sick to play EVE, work came up, your ISP went down, and so on.

As others have said. Max biology skill and use the implant to get the most out of your training boosters.

Go min/max your stuff by all means but I would not stress over these accelerators lol. I used a remap myself to train fleet boosting skills. It saved ALOT of time. Then I didn’t look at my training queue for a few months XD I started to realize as I got to nearly 80mil SP that I pretty much have all the skills for all the ships I use pretty much maxed out on this character. What I am training now is just extra.

I never understood boosters.

They allow you to skip over the best part of the game (the journey) and get right to the boring stuff (the destination).

The introduction of accelerators has destroyed many an MMO for short term profits over long term stability. CCP seems determined to join them.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Drugs give you journey, booster gives you better drugs.

I have 280m SP in my main, still need 10 years to reach out 500m SP, but CCP wants more money and I think it is not a bad deal to pay a bit more to accelerate this process a bit, but just feel much pain about using this accelerators system.

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Wow that is wild with that much sp! :exploding_head:

You do you. lol

With CCP giving what? I seen those special promos for 40mil SP if you were gone for a long time. Just gotta “leave” the game for awhile and swipe that credit card.

CCP have said fairly recently they would like to dispose of the attribute system saying it doesn’t fit with Eve as its not a D&D style game and all the old original reasons are no longer valid. I think CCP Nomad is keen.

When its replaced is anyone’s guess but it will be replaced with a time % based system, faster for omega with implants adding a further % boost. There has been very little elaboration on the matter and sometimes it takes years for CCP to do something they mention at a fanfest. One assumes at this point there would be no need to remap. Personally this change can’t come soon enough.

As for now CSM member Oz_ Eve is very much on the case with accelerators and you echo pretty much what he is trying to get CCP to understand. He covers it regularly on his twitch stream about the market and economy. Hopefully he can bring some clarity to them.

As for off spec skills and using unallocated skills for it, you can buy skill packs (limited per account) in and out of game now, they go directly to the unallocated pool as do injectors. We also get skill points from the login and events that are directly deposited into the unallocated pool.

Eve has a time based skill system to specifically avoid instant gratification, selling SP’s is only a recent thing, last few years. Some people love it, others detest it and see it as PTW.

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IIRC the issue being, that attribute implants are an important part of the economy and therefore removing the attributes model could be harmful.

If they do it badly it will be devastating, from what I understood however if for example you take the current learning implants, +1 through +5, or accelerators, rather than the numerical value being added to a total this would be replaced with a flat % increase, so rather than adding 5 to your remap total it would add 5% speed or something like that.

With no attributes you have no need to spec or map, you just have a flat learning rate, eg 60 SP a min for omega, 40 for alpha (totally hypothetical example btw) with any additions, implants etc adding to that rate, so with a +5 you now get 63 SP/min, with 5x +5s it would be 75 SP/min or 69 SP/min if they stacked or not.

The slots they each take could be changed from single slot to allowed for slots 1-5 or just kept as they are so you need one of each type still. This also applies to the implant sets, that +3 to memory from a mid crystal beta would become +3% bonus to training speed. You will still need the set for full effect.

If anything we might train things a little bit faster.

The +12 Genius accelerator yields about a 30-35% skill training increase on an optimized skill map with +4 implants. You get 24 days with Biology V.

@180 PLEX this works out to ~900m ISK (37.5m ISK/day) to boost your skill training (you can easily make this in 30 minutes or less).

Compare this to the Master-At-Arms accelerators which only gives you +10 for 960m ISK (40m ISK/day) for about 20% less speed. These have also dropped roughly 25-30% in price since the NES accelerators released - so they were closer to 50m ISK/day prior.

Not a surprise… CCP devalues an asset and it get dumped at fast as possible to get as much value before it hits the floor.