Possible fix for Cerebral Accelerators

I have an idea for Cerebral Accelerators that I’m sure would be a very good QOL improvement, but I have no idea how feasible it is.

As I understand it, the current mechanics mean using them without Biology 5 trained means you miss out on potential skill points, and the players, naturally, don’t like this.

My solution would be to bring back an old skill, modify it, then tie Cerebral Accelerators and any other temporary attribute boosters to that skill instead of Biology.

The skill in question would be Mnemonics, and it would be modified so that each rank in the skill would reduce the duration of a temporary attribute booster while commensurately intensifying the booster’s effect.

Here’s an example: if a character without any ranks in Mnemonics uses a 7-day Cerebral Accelerator, then over the course of those seven days they will get X amount of skill points. However, if the character uses that booster after they have trained Mnemonics to level 3, then the booster will only be in effect for 5 days and change while still giving them X amount of skill points.

The result of this is that players will still want to train Mnemonics because it shortens the amount of time they spend learning any given skill, but it won’t be seen as “mandatory” because even with the skill completely untrained you still get the full benefit of the Cerebral Accelerator.

So, what do you think?

Biology skill affects ALL boosters (keeping in mind that cerebral accelerators use booster mechanics), not just cerebral accelerators. Cerebral accelerators aren’t very common, so it would be stupid to introduce a new skill specific to cerebral accelerators instead of using the all-boosters-of-every-variety skill.

The simpler alternative would be to replace cerebral accelerators, which give you a guaranteed amount of SP at Biology L5, with a at-most-once-a-day tierless skill injector. This guarantees injector uniformity and eliminates the need for a new skill without altering the mechanics of the existing skill.

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That’s a fair criticism and counterpoint. Now that I think about it, when I was writing my pitch, the idea that Cerebral Accelerators would simply be the most powerful type of attribute booster after several others were added to the game was floating around in the back of my mind.

Back when Mnemonics was still in the database, there were several unpublished drugs that were seemingly intended to temporarily boost one of a character’s attributes; Cerebrokine for Memory, Encephol for Intelligence, Fetacole for Willpower, Percephrine for Perception, and Pheromine for Charisma.

I don’t know how those would actually be introduced to the game, TBH. They might work as player-created drugs if the formulas and ingredients were extremely rare, but I’m sure there are a lot of problems with that idea which I’m just not seeing.

Train Biology 5.



How about not denying players an incredibly valuable SP bonus because they haven’t trained a particular skill to 5? That’s the logic the old learning skills operated under, and when CCP got rid of those there was much rejoicing!

What is entitled?

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I am willing to debate the subject, Foambreaker; I am even willing to be convinced that my suggestion is a bad one. But that requires you and I to actually debate the topic instead of you passing summary judgement and then resorting to ad hominem when I disagree with said judgement.

I’ll admit, I should have chosen better wording for that disagreement. As it is now there’s no way to tell it’s anything more than a testy retort. I’ll be fixing that.

So, do you want to debate or just agree to disagree?

See there is where the rocket fell off the rocket ship, I am not hear to debate you, simply to post my opinion.

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And that’s fine with me. Healthy debate or just walking away are better than pointless screeching.

I see it as counterproductive because you’re basically adding a new skill to train who’s only benefit is to give you skill points faster. It would just become a skill point sink for impatient players, and I don’t see that as being especially beneficial.

Any time spent training that new skill would be better off spent on putting points into Biology since it impacts cerebral accelerators and all other boosters as well.



Hmm. Well, I can’t say I agree with your assessment, but I can see why you would think that way and your argument is sound.

-1 accepted.

Proposing a “fix” means there is a problem.

What is the problem?

Is the problem that the players don’t like it?

What does that mean?
What is it they do not like?

Is it the fact that they’re getting less skillpoints when they don’t put effort into it …
… or is it the fact that they have to put effort into it?

Are you saying that it is too much to ask people to skill Biology to V …
… when they wish to get the maximum out of a booster?