Friendly reminder to make sure you have Biology trained up before tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day of the skill point giveaway, and for those who are Omega they will receive an “Extended ‘Canicule’ Cerebral Accelerator” in lieu of 50k points. Supposedly this will give +10 omni attribute bonus with a duration of 3 days and expiring on 8-1-19.

That said, the Biology skill gives a 20% booster duration increase for each level trained. It’s cheap, around 37k isk, and has a 1x time multiplier so going to lvl II should take less than a couple of hours. Since each lvl is supposedly worth around 12,960 SP over the duration of activity, lvl II gives the most bang for the buck, lvl III is around break-even, and a player will likely lose more SP in training to IV than they would gain from the additional time duration of the booster.

Have fun.


market does not know about that item

Not everything must be on market. It is in game already. Maybe won’t be allowed on market.

not allowed in market.
(actually it’s more “does not have a market group”)

Because they (CCP) forgot to do this … again!

Thanks for the advice. I took a look at my skills and discovered that I hadn’t trained Biology yet. Much appreciated.


Train it to IV only, you will thank me later.


since when are accelerators affected by biology…they no boosters you know…

They even don’t have biology in their requirement…

Since the beginning, as they are booster drugs technically. :wink:


BTW remember to Train them BEFORE you take the Accelerator.

Its not retroactive on a currently active booster.


If you lose pod with Extended ‘Canicule’ Cerebral Accelerator, its dissapear?


however it gets removed if you change clone, IIRC.


Nope. As clone change and podding is technically the same.


I’m 100% sure there was some boster effects that were lost on clone changed (happened and I was sad)…

NVM it was potency booster …

Exactly and true for all other boosters. But the accelerators have a special flag to not being destroyed on clone change.


This is a good thread


So, if I understand this right, the booster will last 20% longer/level of biology? For example with lvl 1 trained it’s 72h +20% = 86h 24m ?

Yes, so Biology 5 doubles the duration.

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All of this sounds so complicated for my little pea brain. Last time I logged in I managed to redeem the free skill points, and advance my skilling by a few days.

No need to train biology - another useless skill (scam) to keep us engaged.

Please can we have more campaigning for making things simple.