Why Shorten the Expiration Date of Accelerators?

I am wondering why CCP shortened the date on the recently issued cerebral accelerators. Ultimately this isn’t a big deal and there are more important issues to address, but I am genuinely curious. It caused me a mild inconvenience, I had staggered the application of accelerators to maximize their impact, and just logged on to find that my last accelerator is no good. I haven’t been playing eve very long, but it is the kind of thing which makes me think all those bitter vets have cause for their cynicism towards CCP. It suggests a lack of competence in rolling out something simple, or a lack of concern regarding the impact this has on players.


its called money - “greed is good” didn’t you watch the documentary :laughing:

So they can bring out a new accelerator next month to keep people and sub numbers up.

CCP ■■■■ the brick during blackout when they found out that 1/4 of the online player base are just bots. As I predicted they’d not have the bottle to hold through a full 1/4. They dumped the bots but did not wait for the real player uptake which was slowly occuring.

The plan was to inject life into EVE but it is clear now the plan has reverted to bleed the last of the blood dry from this bot fest.

There will be no new content above reskinned npcs ect. No new alliance tournament and no new expenditure ect.

Invest in PLEX and pray CCP lets you use it in what ever new MMO they bring out for their S.Korean over lords, if the game flops CCP is toast.

Have fun in the end time of EVE, I want China to be no.1, they bot best.

Greed is never good, greed is most likely the main component of why the planet is in such a mess.

You should be able to use it today, before downtime.

IIRC the expiry data was the first/today. It will keep running, when consumed, after the expiry date.
If you still have both of them, create an alt, if need be on a second account.

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I tried to use it at 0300 on 11/1 eve time and it was expired, could not consume.

I hear what people say about how this fits into a broader strategy by CCP and where they want games changes to go, I just dont see the logic in changing this feature after it has been rolled out. I mean, just live with the few extra days on this accelerator so players dont feel resentment as if you are taking something away with this change.

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That sucks. I had hoped my reply would have given you the opportunity to use it in a last ditch effort.

As to the general gist of your post: I agree.
It’s only because I was made aware of an expiry date on these accelerators earlier ( Friendly reminder to make sure you have Biology trained up before tomorrow ), I was careful enough not to let these go to waste in the first place.

CCP could at least be MUCH more up front about these limits when they hand them out. Up to the point they get consumed the moment they are issued. Though that would probably mess up things as well…

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Yeah, CCP rarely ever provides detailed info.

That’s basically what CCP want’s players to do now, consume the accelerator asap. It’s also the reason why they’re no longer a trade item or included in loot drops, CCP doesn’t want players getting free accelerated skill training for long periods of time.

Is that why they hand out free SP like it is candy? You don’t need acceleration anymore when you get milions of free SP from CCP.

When CCP can’t think of a big way to ■■■■ over the playerbase, they come up with small ones~~


This is a small mistake by CCP…but its exactly the type of error that will really annoy people. I, like others, planned out when I was going use the 5 extended accelerators I received, and then found out “nope - sucks to be you” when the dates got changed without notice.

Once upon a time this would have been really upsetting…but now, everything translates to ISK and plex (I can just buy accelerators to get back that lost training if I want) and the effective cost to me is likely around 500 million or so. No big deal.

But what it does do is move us a little bit along on the slow sad journey into “nobody cares about EVE anymore, including CCP” that we’re all seeing.

Its no longer maddening…its just sad.


This captures my thoughts exactly

Yah. Was pretty upset to discover that the accelerators we just got weren’t injectable.


You sir, are way off base. It’s not sad, it’s hilarious. Every thread gets derailed into the “Eve sucks” and then “You suck”. Then everyone decides their own ideas are perfect and the thread dies. It never gets old!

It is is nice of them to provide Accelerators, but pretty dumb to not give you enough time to activate them. This time, I just about managed, but last time most expired before I could use them.

I have 13 Eve accts, 11 are omega: it is very annoying not being able to use those boosters

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Why can’t you use them?

I was making plans on their dates as well, and saved mine, not they’re suddenly worthless and I’m shocked. As the OP said, not a big deal, but it is a bit of a deal. It is a deal-breaker.


Because while they used to say they’d expire in 2020, they expired already.

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