@CCP Clarification about SP Booster Expiry Date needet

Hi, usually the SP Booster expired at Tuesday but now we have 2 dates in the Info window^^

Description Tab say
“The compounds are only guaranteed to function until YC 120-10-09.”

Attributes Tab say:
“Expiry Date 2018.10.10 11:00:00”

since you screw up again! with publishing the boosters in Market and for Contracts i would preferr the last date^^ but realy want a word from you pls

oh and pls pls pls pls pls fix your internal problems with how to publish items asap
every time this happen it looks like not a real dev do this its the one week prakticant^^
or the company dont have a proper documented way how to publish items somone just can follow^^
and no 4 eyes princip and no quality management^^

oh and fix the localisation of the boosters or just call it for everyone the same its not funny germans or russians talk about “E09” and all with english clients have a “Extended Synapse Overmind Accelerator” this also makes look you like you dont know what you do or have no proper quality management

thats nothing you or we deserve

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@CCP thanks for no response^^
the time to choose extendet booster till wed DT next week or go for 2x adv is over…

thanks for hmm… nothing?

maybee next time

p.s.: if someone ever read this… pls dont make basic boosters 6 points make them just shorter in runtime… or i would also preferr cut 1h of runtime from the boosters with bio 5 so you can use them every day to the exakt same time and not moving this point to a later and later date every time

thanks for clarification about your “typo”…NOT
thanks for mention the longer as usuall runtime for the booster in your launcher wwhere everyone can see it…NOT
thanks for answering here…NOT
tnaks for publishing this items in a proper way in the first plaace…NOT

shall i now make tickets from ALL of my chars to get my extra SP i could have? and the Isk i lost?
no this “rant” ts not realy about the SP or the Isk. its about how CCP is dealing with that kind of problems and how i as your customer feel…
get your communication right!
get your publising of that items right!
get the information for us in the right channels we all can see
and no the patchnotes no one can see in the launcher isnt allways the right place…
maybee introduce an additional information window in the launcher for that kind of stuff?

old players got no SP as you raise the staring SP for Alphas. its not mutch but feld like a threadment, we also got no free respec as the SP trade was introduced again feelt like the old players arent worth to deal with
i had like to see a whole move of all SP at thad day to free SP and you could put it as you like it… as a thank you to all who stay since years in the game and a fresh start

its important to not thread your powerplay customers and yes all together it feels like this^^

It seems you’ve become collateral damage. :coffeeparrot:

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