Capsuleer Day XVII booster stacks with previous booster reverting the expiration date to June 15

As per title, if you have in your inventory any previous boosters of this type which expire on June 15th and you open the new ones and stack them, It resets their expiration date to June 15th instead of July 15th.

This looks unintentional, since the new boosters are set to expire in July 15th

What conversation are you trying to have here? What is there to discuss?

It’s an issue, is it not? Am I in the wrong forum?

Why is it an issue? You might want to update the post title and initial post content to make it clear what your discussion point is. Right now it reads more as a news item from a dev blog that CCP could have posted instead of an actual discussion point. “X is a problem, here’s why” - that makes for good discussion, whereas “X is true” doesn’t.

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