Cerebral Accelerators: Quality of Life Request

I often find that I need to go to sleep, but in 2 more hours or so, my cerebral accelerator will expire, and I will need to pop another one. I don’t feel like activating an alarm clock which will affect my quality of life (sleep), and it is a waste for me to lose 6 hours, 8 hours (or more if I forget to log in when I wake up) of skilling. My request is that we be allowed to pop a new cerebral accelerator whenever we want.

I’M NOT ASKING THAT THEY ACCUMULATE IN A QUEUE. I’m fine with that, but I’m not asking for that. I’m asking for less than that. I’m asking for the cerebral accelerator you pop to just replace the one currently active, ‘wasting’ the effect of the one that is currently active.


Get your addiction in check. :wink:

I have Biology trained to 4, so I can easily pop one every two days with a buffer.

Regarding your suggestion, I can’t see a drawback right now, or how it can be abused, but would guess it‘s a rather tricky change, considering all the weird problems with accelerators in the past.

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To me it looks like CCP intends to try to get there to be gaps in your training time. Think of it as a way to make people have to log in again.
But I get what you are asking for and it would be nice.


Train Biology to lvl5. It’s a long haul but considering how often we have events now, it’s well worth it.

With a 48hr timer you can schedule your boosts.


Biology 4 actually causes most of my problems. The 43 hours duration means the time for renewal slips back by 5 hours every 2 days. Eventually that ends up being at 5am when I’m asleep. So I get totally understand where the OP is coming from and I can’t see how Biology 4 is a solution.

This on the other hand would work, assuming you’re always able to be online at the same time every 2 days.

I endorse this idea. Pop a new one at any time, it replaces and discards the one that is currently active and starts a new timer.

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I don’t get it. If I had Biology 5 I would need to wait exactly two days to inject the next. Hence if I miss the exact point, the starting time would become later and later colliding with sleep eventually.

Do you really care about the 4h of unboosted training?

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And consider how many 4h periods of unboosted training you would need to avoid to warrant all the SP going into training the skill to 5.

I also find having it trained to 4 to be a very happy medium.

I can’t see how that would happen at all unless you keep forgetting to consume the next booster, which is on you.

4 on the other hand takes quickly takes away your choice in the matter.

If for example you are always free to play EVE between 6pm when you get in from work and 12am when you go to bed, then Biology 5 lets you always inject in that window. Always. Every single time.

However Biology 4 in the above example will work once if you consume a booster at 6pm and then the next time a booster needs to be consumed will be at 1pm when you are still at work losing you 5 hours.

Maybe it depends if you work / have a routine or not? /shrug

If you have a regular daily play time then there is no way I can see that Biology 4 can beat 5 because 4 will always make your consumption time fall outside of that window and 5 never will.

With Biology 5 it doesn’t matter if you are 5 minutes late or an hour late, that’s all you lose. With 4 you will quickly start losing many hours.

‘really care’ is always a silly comment. No, it’s a game, I don’t really care about anything.

But still, if we are talking efficiency and ease when it comes to keeping the boost up continuously, 5 beats 4 hands down, and of course makes the boost last longer to boot.

That’s the main issue for me. Time lost due to missed boosted training time vs time lost training Biology to level 5.

At the moment I have too many other skills I want to train to justify filling the queue with level 5 Biology for days.

What you missed in Tipa’s post is that some people don’t care about a few hours of missed training. You get 43.2 hours out of your accelerator with Bio4. So if you always log in the same time, you are always ready to consume the next accelerator. If you were less than 5 hours late last time, you will be back to “optimal time” next time any ways. It is very flexible.

By opposition, with Bio5, say one day you work late and can’t log in until an hour later than usual. Now you will always have to consume at least an hour later than your optimal time. Next time, you arrive on time but the accelerator isn’t done yet since you were late last time. It expires on dinner time, so now you’re another hour late. 2 hours late and there’s not really anything you can do to get back to your optimal time. Then another time after, it’s late enough in the evening and you’re out for beers, there goes the night. And do you now activate in the morning? You’ll have to activate every morning… or wait for the evening? You’ll have lost a whole day of accelerated training! That’s as much as you lose over the consumption of ~5 accelerators with Bio4.

Overall I see little benefit to Bio5, unless you have a very dependable schedule that makes logging in at the exact same time every day of the week possible. That is not a commitment to EVE I want to make. I would lose about the same amount of training time and I’d have to train the skill. Not worth it.

Then everything else said is completely pointless, as how many hours lost isn’t even an issue. Moot point. If you don’t care about efficiency it’s pointless commenting about how to maximize efficiency, surely?

If you aren’t in a position to maximize your efficiency either, then again commenting about how to maximize efficiency is pointless.

You have to assume that the person is in a position to maximize their efficiency or there’s nothing to debate. All that is left otherwise is ‘the person does what they can when they can’.

This is kinda nuts considering that you go on to argue that you shouldn’t have to have a dependable schedule that makes logging in at the exact same time every day of the week possible.

Yet here, you happily rely on that as an option for your ever dependable Biology 4 user while going on to invent a series of mishaps and pitfalls that prevents the Biology 5 user doing the same.

Hilarious, really :rofl:

One rule for 4, another for 5.

You will always lose 5 hours you mean. I think you have it confused. You cannot have an optimal time with 4. Only whatever time you happen to log in at, no matter how many hours that loses you.

With 5 you can have an optimal time, not with 4. It’s impossible with 4.

5 also has the greater flexibility, in that you can miss your optimal and still lose many hours less than you would with 4. With 4, you will always lose many hours eventually. 5 (and indeed 1) are the only choices that give you the option to avoid loss completely, unless you are free to log in 24/7 as 4 dictates.

If as above, it’s of no importance how many hours you lose, then again, this is all moot

It literally doesn’t matter what level of Biology you are at or what time of day you consume at if you don’t care how many hours of boosted training time you lose.

Anyway, to break the lost hours down further, again, you said:

but the important part is that at this point you have already lost 5 hours with Biology 4.

Mistake number 1 on your part and yet still you have only lost 1 hour with Biology 5 compared to 5 hours with 4.

Mistake number 2 on your part, and still you have only lost 2 hours with Biology 5 compared to 5 hours with 4.

Biology 5 is still better by 3 hours at this point.

This is where it gets kinda silly.

We are up to 3 mishaps in order for 4 to beat 5. :roll_eyes:

This time, 4 beats 5 because the person completely forgot to log on for an entire night.

Really? :rofl:

This is like arguing that you are faster at running than me because you won a race that I wasn’t in.

Your Biology 5 user can’t even get online to consume their booster, while your Biology 4 one always can? I’ve seen some biased comments before but this one takes the cake, lmao.

This is a person who 3 times in a row couldn’t manage to get online to consume a booster in a 6 hour window every 2 days. Who is this person? What’s wrong with them?

Inventing various scenarios that prevent a person taking a booster in an attempt to prove a point seems a bit desperate to me.

Had you considered throwing getting run over by a bus into the equation?

Nuclear armageddon?

Zombie apocalypse?


If you have to invent a character that sounds like they would not even be able to tie their own shoelaces to support it being better to stick with 4 then I think you are trying a little too hard.

The issue with 5 is the training time, not being some sort of Laurel and Hardy character that falls off ladders on their way to consuming a booster.


Thanks for getting the point. :slight_smile:

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yeah I have bio V and sometimes I am far from where I have my accelerators and need to get back … ■■■■ this, this is just annoying.
Seriously, we should be able to add all the accelerators to have an increased booster duration, up to the boosters expiration(can’t consume a booster if that booster’s slot is used up to the booster expiration)

Making people connect for the sake of connecting … just to right click in the inventory and consume …


This is funny. Before devs introduced those accelerators there was no problem with boosters running out. Now we have them in abundance and boom, suddenly it becomes a problem. What happened to HTFU? Does not apply here?


Not really.

What the flaming hell has wanting to be able to efficiently consume boosters got to do with how hard you are?


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Nothing. Be efficient as you like (yeah i do have lvl5 for that exact reason), just accept the fact that it comes at the price and you have to work for it.

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I, too, intentionally avoid training Biology to 5.

Can’t login everyday at the exact same time? No problem - you can:

  1. Log in up to 5 hours earlier than the previous activation time - the accelerator will be ready for you to pop;

  2. Log in up to 5 hours later than the previous activation time - the accelerator will be right on schedule next time;

  3. Log in even more than 5 hours later than the previous activation time - just take a couple of extra days to get it back on schedule.

Of course, if the OP’s idea was to be implemented, I could see myself training Biology up to level 5. :wink:

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Both options sound great to me. CCP, enable these please.


Alright, I’ll bite.

We have different definitions of “optimal time”, obviously. And of some other things. So here are a few of mine:

Optimal time: time within a busy, variable schedule where I can most expect to be able to log in. This sits about in the middle of my “expect to be able to log in” period.
Optimize: make the most of what you have to work with. Not “get the most sp/hour possible by sacrificing everything else”.

Now, obviously, if you have a time during the day when you can be 100% sure to be able to log in every day of the week, perfect. Train Bio5 and eventually it’ll be worth it. That case is trivial. Everybody understands what the solution is and how to get there. There really is no point in even talking about it.

A more interesting question would be: if you can log in at anytime necessary , what is the optimal level to train? You’d want some levels, because that saves accelerators and that saves isk. But if you are going to be using accelerators all the time any ways (you can always log in the moment it expires to renew it), Bio5 might take a while before it saves enough isk/accelerator to be worth the SP!

Back on topic:
I have a very variable schedule. I do all kinds of other things than eve and sacrifice eve to all of them. The “character” above could well be me and everything that happens to them has happened to me. Within a week. So I don’t have a 100% time, I have a time period in a day where I have a high likelihood of being able to log in. That does not mean that I don’t want to make the most of every period for which accelerators are available. I like SP too! It just means I have to play with more variables and constraints and make the most of that. Of course, the best I can do is less than someone who can log in all the time, but I’m ok with that. I don’t want to be married to eve.

If I trained Bio5, then since I cannot always be logged in at the same time, I would either log in too early and not be able to consume the next accelerator or late, meaning that the time at which I can renew my accelerator drifts to later and later, eventually outside my period of availability and then I lose a whole night and subsequent day since I won’t log in in the morning or at work either.

Now with Bio4, if I’m late one day it’s no big deal. I lose and extra hour but the next time I lose one hour less if I show up at my usual time. So 10 hours for 2 accelerators. If I show up early, it’s ready to renew too (but it’s more likely I’ll lose an extra hour the next time). Still 10 hours lost on average then. Overall, I estimate that I lose less by losing 5 hours every other day than by losing a few hours every time I’m late (Yes, that’s less than 5) plus ~18 hours when I need to reset it because it’s now drifted outside of when I play.

So I have optimized my choice and I’m not a character. I just have a busier, more variable/constrained schedule and eve is nowhere near a priority for me. But it’s still fun to try to get the most out of what time I can devote to it. It’s not at all all irrelevant. In fact, I would suggest that the less time/energy you have, the more important it is to maximize your return when you do invest it.

All that said, I would love the suggested queuing/refreshing to be implemented though. Then it’s trivial for everyone and Bio5 is always better.

And, I’m out! All that time I could have played the game or even just logged in to renew my accelerators! I gotta quit the forums… :wink:

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just let me OD on them, I play everyday when I have internet signal as is. I can solo my 15 pills I need for the month and go about doing other things and not carry my stash with me as I travel every where.