Cerebral Accelerators

I read in some of the forum posts that Cerebral Accelerators are only for new pilots and that it’s written in the description of the item. Well… no it isn’t. I asked in the Help Chat in game and was told that anyone can use them no matter how old your character is so I went and bought one.
I’m training Cruise Missiles V and that takes quite a few days. I bought a Cerebral Accelerator and noted I had 4 days 5 hours to go. I began the Accelerator and noted with my skills that it would work for 48 hours. I looked and saw my Perception had gone from 21 to 31, etc, so all seemed well. Apparently anyone of any age can use a Cerebral Accelerator. But…
48 hours later and I noted I still had 2 days and 5 hours to go in training Cruise Missiles. The Accelerator had not aided me at all.
So what gives? How come there is no warning in the items description? The thing was properly in date, and as I said the attributes showed up in my profile as working, but absolutely not a single minute saved in training time over 48 hours.
So… Just a warning to others. Don’t waste your Isk on these things.

I’ve used accelerators extensively. They work exactly as intended. Without getting into the specifics of your particular attribute mapping, which type of accelerator you injected and any implants you had, it’s simply not possible that you failed to receive at least some decreased training time. I can assure you that your observations of your training time were simply flawed.

Having said that, at current prices, none of the accelerators on the market make good fiscal sense from an isk/sp standpoint. But that’s not always the case - they’re frequently the best isk/sp deal going.


hi @Kipsley_Caton

first of all there are different Cerebral Accelerators arround
there are really Cerebral Accelerators you can only use in the first week, first 2 weeks and i guess one can be used in the first 3 weeks of a char

then you have the Event Cerebral Accelerators … anyone can use them
on this event there were +6, +10 and +12 Cerebral Accelerators running for 1 day … with biology skill on level 5 they run 2 days
one Cerebral Accelerator is +10 and runs for 3 days … with biology skill on 5 its 6 days

all event Cerebral Accelerators (boosters) run really perfect with no problem

can you tell us what was the name of the Cerebral Accelerator you used?

Event Boosters:
Standard ‘Liberty’ Cerebral Accelerator +6
Advanced ‘Liberty’ Cerebral Accelerator +12
Extended ‘Liberty’ Cerebral Accelerator +10 for 3 days

Boosters for new chars:
Standard Cerebral Accelerator +3
Advanced Cerebral Accelerator +17
Prototype Cerebral Accelerator +9

and i found this too:
Master-at-Arms Cerebral Accelerator … i have no idea … never seen that one

and then you find a ton of “Expired” Cerebral Accelerators … dont buy them … they dont work … you cant consum it … its trash … only good for scammers :wink:

this list of boosters is not complete
i found some othere boosters too like 3 types of: X-Sense ‘Consciousness’ Cerebral Accelerators … how ever …



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Sure. Any help will be great as I feel I just wasted Isk on this.

The one I used was the… Improved Cerebral Conditioning Accelerator.

It was in date, no warning about age related exceptions, and my Biology skill is at Level V so it ran for 48 hours. It added +10 to all my attributes for the duration of it’s effect.

There was no change to training time for Cruise Missiles V.

Fixed that for you.

They are not always called ‘Liberty’, but it depends on the event. It then has two +10 versions. In the last event did one get the 3-day version only from the redeemable rewards and could find the +6, +10 and +12 variations for 2 days in the wrecks of the event NPCs.

This doesn’t seem right and you might want to create a support ticket for it. They still have bugs in them from what I’ve seen myself. The last one I’ve encountered stopped it from running out, but it got stuck at 0:00:00 and I couldn’t consume a new one due to it. Docking didn’t help and only a complete logout and login fixed it.

You should also always check your skill queue and see if it has a symbol in front of the skill you are currently training.


yea @Whitehound

true … thes are not allwas called ‘Liberty’
i just wanted to point on the last event but yea you are right with that
the name changes from event to event but can come back after a year if the event happens again … the old Cerebral Accelerator from a year ago will not start to work again … only the name is used again


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Somewhere (on the old forum?) is a statement from a DEV or DM that this is a display only bug as far as I remember. You are trainging at a faster rate, just make sure your training is active and not paused for whatever reason. (active training on other pilot, stopped for clone jumping.)

Ok. Just found 250,000 unallocated training points on my skill sheet. Is that how these things work? I have no idea where those points came from otherwise. Though I did submit a “ticket” about a potential bug with the Accelerators. Maybe CCP gave me the points as compensation?

That would be quite generous as a +10 Accelerator “only” gives you around 40k skillpoints at biology 5. (+20k SP for Alpha Accounts because of half training speed.) Maybe that’s what happened, perhaps I wouldn’t dig to deep if I were you :wink:

IKR! :star_struck:

Me too, I assume it’s the long-promised compensation for the down-time a month or two ago.


Ooooh. That could be it as well. (smiles) In any event, I am not minding the extra points at all.

The 250K SP are the SP gift for the issues. Details on this are here:

As to the accelerators, the do work for any character with an active skill queue. I believe the bit about being only for newer players is related to skill injectors, as you get diminishing returns based on the amount of SP you have. These are very different animals.

What you are describing makes it sound like either your skill training is paused or you encountered a bug. Double-check that your training is actually running (the accelerator doesn’t do anything if you aren’t actively training), and if it is, then file a bug report.


My skill training was active as I only have the one Omega account and it only has one character. Thank you for clearing up the issue about the 250,000 skill points though (smiles). As for the Cerebral Accelerator, I have reported it to CCP as a “bug”. No big deal. I will try again with a different one to see if that works any better. Maybe that “Master at Arms” one.

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No, hes talking about the cerebral accelerators that only work for brand new players. They were released alongside special starter packs for players who bought them. Im not sure if they are still available to purchase, but i believe they are still on the market or in contracts. They only work for a week or two after you create your account.

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Ah, I didn’t know these even existed. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Yes. And it is (or should) be clearly stated in the item’s description that they are for new players of only a certain number of days age. It’s very important to always read the item description of the item you are buying.

It does.

The Cerebral accelerators that are for event-use only, clearly state in the Attributes tab, at the very bottom:

Expiry Date: 2018.08.07 11:00:00

If you read the attributes tab, it will always indicate how long the accelerator will last until. They dont mess around with this stuff.

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Just to clarify… That is year, month, date, yes? In Australia we tend to write the date differently. Today would be 01.08.2018 for example.

Ok (smiles) we do things backwards :sweat_smile:

yes, that’s the compo for the March downtime.

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