Cerebral accelerator

(Cyrus Amos) #1

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if the problem still persists, that if you use an cerebral accelerator and didn’t finish a skill before it expires, that the sp will get reset?

And is the max SP still 2700 per hr? edit( [prim.attribute 32 + sec.attribute 26/2]**60min, are there any limits?)

Last question

why does the extended liberty cerebral accelerator cost 80 times that of a standard one which only downside is a 1/3 of duration of the extended one?

(Tipa Riot) #2

Because players “decided” that it is worth that today. Supply and demand. The extended allows you to have accelerated training for 6 more days after the accelerators expire on Tuesday.

(Cyrus Amos) #3

expiredate 2018.07.03 and what it doesn’t state + 6days? good to search for an explaination

guess you referred to biology, which is a reason for a longer duration, if you’ve skilled it

is this source outdated?

gives bonus only to young capsuleers?

(Tipa Riot) #4

The cited accelerators are for new players with a use limit by age, these are different to the event acc we are talking about, which can be used by everyone. The expiry affects the use of the accelerators, once injected they will work their whole lifespan. Not training Biology to IV is just a waste of money/SP.

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Thought there are no npc vendors at all

(Memphis Baas) #6

You can [right-click -> consume] accelerator until 2018.07.03 11:00 server time.
Once consumed, accelerator gives +10 to all attributes for the duration (3 days + biology skill effect).

So, people usually buy 1-day accelerators so they can consume 1 per day until 2018.07.03, and also buy 1 extended, so they can consume the extended 3-day at the last minute, and thus have an extra 3-6 days of +10 attributes after the deadline.

These are sold by players, not NPC vendors, so prices are affected because they know this tactic of how we use the accelerators.

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