Cerebral Accelerator Special

Greetings. I purchased 1.5 million SP with expert Cerebral Accelerator a short time ago. I have right at 11 days left on the +10 attributes. I see the new special that expires in 6 days. (Another 1.5 million SP and another Expert Cerebral Accelerator) My question is simple. Will the second accelerator extend the 11 days? Or will they run concurrently and hence be wasted? Do I have the option to not claim the 2nd accelerator until the 1st one is done if that’s the case? I don’t want to waste money if it goes to waste. Thanks in advance.

You don’t have to claim it right away, however if it’s the same pack, you can’t buy it twice anyway, only once per account unless you got the 1.5 and accelerator from a different pack.

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