Expert cerebral accelerator expire?

It says 12 days and 12 hours.
I do not get if it doesnt expire on log out as other boosters, or if it
gets unplugged if other slot 10 boosters are activated?
If duration can be longer or shorter, any hidden feature???

This is probably not the right section for this question but i will try to answer some of it and provide advice.

Forgive me if i am wrong, but i am assuming you are fairly new.

The expert cerebral accellerator applies a bonus to your attributes to increase training speed for the duration. This means online or offline as you train while offline as well. Being offline does not pause the accellerator. The benefit to accellerators is that if you are podded you dont lose them. As for injecting another slot 10 at the same time that wouldnt be possible. I have never tried to overwrite an accellerator so i am only assuming you would get a pop up confirming if you are sure.

The bad news.

You injected an accellerator that sells for over 1B on the market without training any levels in biology. You can extend that accellerator to 24 days with biology 5 which is a 256k SP skill.

Expert cerebral accellerators are poor value for anyone without biology 5 and 80m or more sp. For a character under 80m sp the current situation is that skill injection is better value and instant.

An expert cerebral accellerator is 8 points in all attributes. Even with biology 5 to max extend that to 24 days the net result is only 414,720 sp. At 50m sp the skill injector and accellerator get close but still a loss.

(Primary + (1/2*Secondary))*60 minutes * 24 hours * 24 days.

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Thaaaaat was an AWESOME level ANSWEER!!!
Thank you!!!

It does makes a lot more sense now to train biology 5!!!

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