Expert Cerebral Accelerator - is it working?

Because Im seeing different times in different places. For example; if Im looking at a ship master tab, and it says that from level 3 to level 4 it’s going to take 3 days, but the skill that is missing (in that same tab) is going to take 5 days.

I read on the webs (the webs are a very serious place) that this was bugged - is it still bugged?

Okay, I don’t know if skill training times get updated everywhere (like on the skills tab for ships). But you * can check to see if the accelerator is working by:

  • looking at your attributes tab,
  • looking at the tooltip of a skill in your queue to see the SP/min, and, if that’s still not enough for you,
  • calculating how much SP you should be getting in a set amount of time (SP/min = Primary Attribute + 1/2 Secondary Attribute), set a timer, and then check back to make sure that you got that SP.

Anyway, I can’t say that there aren’t any bugs surrounding accelerators, but I haven’t noticed or heard of any. So, you’re probably okay. However, if you do find a problem, be sure to file a bug report and support ticket. The first is to make sure that the devs are aware of the problem, and the second is to make sure you get your SP reimbursed by a GM.

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As far as I know the accelerators do give you extra attributes and do increase your training speed.

The only thing that may be wrong is the projected training time, but even that I don’t think is wrong, just confusing.

Well it looks like its working :+1:

That only leaves me with the question of times shown in a ship mastery tab and why they’re different from what’s shown in the skill queue. Eh, at least it’s working as it should.

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