Is my Rogue Swarm accelerator not kicking in?

TL;DR: According to the time remaining to get to Amarr Battleship V in the Eve UI, my Rogue Swarm cerebral accelerator is not having any effect on training time.

The details:

I am currently mapped to Perception / Willpower, with +5 implants. AND I have a Rogue Swarm Cerebral Accelerator consumed and active. So my Perception is 44 and my Willpower is 38.

I can not find anywhere in the skills UI how to determine how many skill points I have left to get to the next level of the current skill, so I consulted EveMON. EveMON did a character data update and tells me I have right about 418k SP left to complete the current skill. At the normal, non-accelerated training rate of 2,700 SP per hour (32 Per, 26 Wil), this should take right about another 6 days 11 hours.

Here’s the problem: 6 days 11 hours is exactly what the Eve UI itself is reporting. So either the Eve UI is not accounting for the accelerated training time, or worse, the accelerator is not actually kicking in… ?

Any thoughts? And anyone know of a way to see number of SP left on current skill / level like you used to be able to?


Working fine for me. Both shows the old and new training times once applied. However I am an omega, if your an alpha it may be a bug because you train at half speed by default.

You can see the remaining sp needed to train a skill by opening the character skill page and hovering over the skill in the main window for a moment, this shows current sp and the remaining sp for lvl 5.

Thanks for the data point - helpful to know it’s working for someone else.

And, I was able to confirm, I think, it’s working for me. EveMON is incorrectly reporting the number of SP remaining until the next level.

Digression: Kind of a bummer - I’ve really come to rely on EveMON over the years. Hopefully it’s just a bug related to the fact it doesn’t know how to deal with accelerators, but I can’t buy that. Subtracting SP needed minus current SP to determine SP remaining should be a simple calculation that is completely independent of whether an accelerator is involved. :frowning:

That explains it, evemon is out of date, and doesn’t even correctly calculate SP totals and such for omegas, I’m doubtful it’s even been coded for alphas.

Far as I know, evemon is horribly out of date.

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