Training times... which is correct?

I am training a skill, the mouseover of my skills says 1d 17hrs… the main screen says 2d 10hr

Which is right?

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no idea

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If I recall correctly, the hover-over is the incorrect one.

I’m guessing you have some sort of time-limited cerebral accelerator consumed, because I saw this too. I did the math but forget which it was, but I’m pretty sure it is the hover-over that is incorrect – it’s computing the entire rest of the skill pool you have to accumulate as if it were covered by an accelerator forever and ever.

The reason I think it’s the hover-over that’s incorrect is because I remember the mnemonic “The skill queue window always shows the correct time-to-skill”.

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Oh that makes sense. yeh I have a master at arms running, but it is near end of life.

the mouseover is incorrect, it doesn’t put into account of implants, and remaps

The mouseover is correct, to a point. It takes into account accelerators as if they were constantly applied. The main screen takes into account the lifetime of the accelerator, hence why it shows as longer, since the accelerator can’t cover the full time of the specific skill being trained.

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