Skillpoints and skillpoints/hr

Am i missing something calculating skillpoints and skillpoints/hr?

if we take a 1x multiplier skill and train it to lvl 3 that should be 8,000 skillpoints according to eveuni lets say the Reaction skill.
Now, i have 17 points in memory (primary attribute for the Reaction skill), and 21 points in intelligence(secondary), that means a sp/min of 17+21/2 = 27.5 sp/min (which the game also says when i hover over the skill)
8,000/27.5 = 290.90909090… so a bit more than 290 minutes to train the skill. Divide it by 60 to get the hrs and we get
290/60 = 4.8333 so about 4 hrs 50 min, yet when i look ingame it says 5hrs 51 min when looking at the requirements of the Mass Reaction skill which only requires Reactions lvl 3.

So am i missing something important here or is the time displayed wrong ingame?

You have to train levels 1 and 2 first, so it’s about 9664 points, yielding 3 hours 51 mins training

not according to its a total of 8000 to reach lvl 3

Hmm, you’re right, it should be totals, since level five is always done at 256k * rank, and 256k is 250*32^2.

Well, it’s not a long train. Do it and get back to us :smile:

So, first off, you need to actually put the skill in the queue in order to get the right timeframe.

If you just hover over the skill and use that as a basis, it will not accurately give you the amount of time it takes to complete the skill. Try putting it in the queue, and then pause and restart the queue.

why won’t it though? is it just a bug?

Maybe, dunno, i dont work for CCP so i cant check their code and see if its a bug or if its intended. Maybe its only intended as a rough estimate.

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