Skill Points

I’m apologize for to create this thread but I cannot find my answer.
Is there a way to calculate how much Skill Points my skill queue will come to?
This is my queue

And this are my skill points: 621.360
Can’t put two pictures in the forum :frowning:

How may I calculate how much skill point I shall have once the queue is finished?
I’m trying to have good skills under 5 million because I cannot pay for Omega until end of summer and I only want to PvP so I need good PvP skills under 5mil. I know maybe it’s impossible but maybe not, not sure if yes or no.
Please help.

So sorry for bad English, not my mothertongue and french forum isn’t so active.
Thank you.

You can look at each skill to see the skillpoint per hour or minute

Also you can have up to 20 mil sp as an alpha. After the 5 mil, youll need to purchase daily alpha injectors, or regular injectors. Which its more affordable to buy the alpha injectors

How? Do I hover mouse over the skill in the queue or I click on them?
I don’t understand. “per hour or minute” ? What does it mean relative to the points at the end of training?

Ok, thank you.

Sorry for pic quality, eve anywhere doesnt allow me to screen shot properly. But you can see that when you have a current skill training, if you look at the skill info and hover over the blue plus sign. It will show you the training rate. Which mine for gas cloud harvesting is 39 skillpoints per minute

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Ok! I see now. Thank you SO much!

Above the 39 per minute line there is this

Level II 1,415 / 256.000 skill points.

The 1,415 is for level II of the skill and the 256.000 is for total level V of that skill, correct?

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Yes (5 char)

Uh, I remember doing that calculations years ago, too.
Happy calculating, Excel is your friend :wink:

Thank you. I never used Excel but I can learn fast.

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