How to get skill points

I want to train some skills so that I can fly new ships and use new weapons but my skill points are at 40.
I heard somewhere that you get skill points as time goes by, is this only when you are playing the game?
Thank you in advance

You need to input a skill into your training queue for skill points to accumulate in that skill.

If your training queue is empty, that time will be wasted and you will not receive any skill points until you set a new skill in the queue.

Once you have set a skill in the training queue, it’ll continue to train in real time regardless of whether or not you are logged into the game.

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Ohhh that makes sense thank you!

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Welcome to Eve

More info :

You start with 400,000 skillpoints and train 1800 skillpoints per hour (Omega with balanced attributes and no implants or boosters). Alphas train half that. You can train faster by participating in the current skilling spree event - it’s easy, the pirates you shoot in the career missions count toward the reward. If you need guidance, ask here or in rookie chat.

Good luck!

As an addendum to Do Littles post, as an alpha you can only queue up 24 hours worth of skillpoints. This means that your current skill you have queued, must be less than 24 hours total, before you can queue another skill. If you are going away for a long time and do not plan on loggin in for a week or so, then i suggest you swap your skill queue and skill something that takes a long time to finish so that you do not waste time.

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