Skill points Omega while offline

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for the past 2 years I had a short break from eve but continued to pay my omega. With my first login in the last days I wondered, why there are so few new skill points at my characters.
Was there a change to the system, that there would always be skillpoints even if I do not train a skill?

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Have you actually added skills to your training queue and had your character(s) actively train while you’ve been away? :thinking:

No, have had no skills in training. Times ago, the skill points have then been added to the account?

Changes to skills, reimbursements for changes to mining skills etc.

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That I know of, it is not possible to accrue unallocated skill points by leaving your training queue empty. If you did not have a skill in training, you did not receive unallocated skill points for that training time. You must have a skill selected to train to get the skill points.


As far I know skill points have never accumulated without a skill being trained.

People that were taking a break from Eve with subscription time “in the bank” used to set up a skill queue that would run for months, usually a combination of lower level skills and the time consuming level 5 skills needed to go up a ship tier.

Never how it worked.

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The only thing that comes to mind recently are the processing skills for ore

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No skill queue means no training and therefore no additional skill points. Make sure to fill your skill queue for a long time. After a hiatus you may be excited what’s actually skilled.

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