Do I gain skill points while logged off?

I read here (first answer) that I get skill points per minute. Do I get skill points per minute while logged off too or do I have to be online to accrue skill points?

Skills continue to train whether you are playing or not.

as mentioned above, they train in real time, whether logged in or not. If you are an alpha, you can have up to 24 hours of skills placed in the Queue, or if Omega, up to 50 skills in the Queue with no time limit.

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maybe I’m misunderstanding something here, I’m thinking of skill points as in like a game like Path of Exile or something. Don’t I need skillpoints to spec into the skills that then queue up and train over real time? So I accrue skill points separately and spec into them separately? Or in Eve Online, training skill is the same as getting skill points and I don’t have to accumulate them separately by leveling up or something.

Is getting skill points and training skill points the same thing in this game?

Only time you get skillpoints in amounts is from event logins or purchasing skill injectors.

These are add to you characters skill point pool, to be applied to any skill you want, up to the available free skillpiints.

While doing the career agents, you should have received some skill books, which they’ll automatically ask you to inject into your character. injecting the skillbooks opens up that particular skill to start training. Just injecting without training does nothing. Every module/ship/implant/booster etc. needs skills either at Level 1 through level 5, depending on type of item in game some may train faster, others may train slower…

You earn skill points by training skills. What skill you are training (that is - what character attributes it is associated with), and your score in the skill’s supporting attributes determines how many SP/minute you earn while training said skill. All skills under a given section of the skill tree share primary and secondary attributes - for example, Spaceship Command is a section of the tree, and all ship piloting skills that are grouped under that section (like Amarr Frigate, Gallente Frigate, Spaceship command, etc) use the primary and secondary attributes of the Spaceship Command section (which are Perception and Willpower).

Alpha characters can queue up skills that begin training within 24 hours, and have a halved rate of skill point acquisition compared to Omega characters. Omega characters can queue skills with no limit on start time, up to the queue limit of 50 skill levels in the queue at once.

Extensive information about skills is available on EVE University, including links to calculators where you can see you skill training rate based on current attributes and the primary and secondary attribute assignments of the target skill.

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Thanks for the help.

I just figured out that I can allocate unused skill points to speed up training queue. Skill point and training system makes sense now. Thanks!


Personally, I’d advise keeping a little stash of unused skill points… unused. There are situations where you suddenly realise “ow wow, I need … skill” and being able to inject that on the spot can save a lot of hassle.

Aside from that, once you skill into T3 cruisers, it’s nice to be able to recover after a loss (dying in a t3 means you lose a skill) immediately.

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could you elaborate on what skills are lost? Is it a specific skill, or the skill that’s currently being researched? how does skill loss work and how many skill points loss are we talking about?

Only with T3 Cruisers do you lose a skill, and IIRC, its only like one level, and its only with T3 skills, mainly the Subsystem Skills. If you have all subsystem skills for that particular ship maxed out, if you lose the ship, you lose one level.

You have Defensive, Core, Offensive and Propulsion subsystems. If You lose say your Tengu, then one of those 4 subsystems, you will go from a Level 5, to a level 4.

You only Need level 1 in each skill to fly any of the T3 cruisers, but Level 5 is recommended in case loss of ship and SP.
This is the only way currently in game, to lose skillpoints.

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Also: This is nothing a new player should be worried about, you need some 10m SP to be able to use T3-Cruisers.

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