How to gain skill points as a new player?

So i just started playing . I wanted to buy a new ship but it seems i do not have required skills . When i queue for training it says it will take days . Is there a way to gain skills points faster ?
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If you’re Alpha you can buy Alpha Injectors.

You can also buy training implant enhancements, but you risk losing them when you get killed.

Otherwise, just wait. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Implants, but they are expensive for a new player.
As are Skill Injectors.

A good guide to skills and training is at Skills and learning - EVE University Wiki

Out of curiosity, what ship is tempting you? One of the advantages of slower skill training is it gives you a chance to learn how life in New Eden works before you invest in a larger more expensive ship. Never put all you ISK into one expensive hull you could lose because of inexperience or to someone else who just wants “a laugh”.
Remember: you don’t get your things back in Eve when you are killed.

Eve is an odd game - a bigger, more expensive ship isn’t automatically better. All ships have their place and roles - and smaller, more affordable cheap ships are often a lot more fun because they are expendable.


A bit more blunt answer, skill points in EvE come with time, or $$$.


I’d add to that by saying that while $$$ can get you SP, it can’t get you experience.


If you are worried about skills taking days, this probably isn’t the game for you (unless of course you are a credit card warrior, then more power to ya). Drop a few bucks to buy plex to sell to get an LSI for 500k skillpoints…but that’s a slippery slope you’ll put yourself on because you’ll always want more.

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Don’t worry about.
Just grab a ship that is “close enough” and do stuff with it.
Every ship in the game relates to every other ship in some sense.


  • If you are aiming to fly a bigger ship, using smaller ships will help you learn the general mechanics and see what big ships are good/bad at (preferably by attacking them).

  • If you are aiming to fly a Tech 2 ship, using the Tech 1 model will teach you the general flying characteristics and what fits work better than others.

  • If you are aiming to fly a more “specialized” ship, well…
    – cloaking ships (see: Cover-Ops) operate the same as any other ship. They simply have a thinner tank and a layer of “conditional invisibility” that you can experiment with in high-sec space.
    – capital ships are basically slow, bulky drone/gun platforms with an added “jump” mechanic.
    – mining ships just shoot rocks.

Put it this way:

Losing a ship in this game is an inevitability. It is better to learn what works and doesn’t work while ships are generally cheaper than to work your way to a “nice ship” and lose it due to a misunderstanding of the mechanics.
Or coming across a situation/danger that you didn’t know about.

It is like that game Hades. Every death is a learning experience!

I have a minning frigate, then i wanted to check upgrades for this basic ship and i discovered they all required omega status which kinda sucks since i am not certain if i want to commit my self fully to this game. I mean paying for sub.

I started to mine but then i discovered other minning ships need omega status which kinda sucks since i am not sure if i want buy a sub just yet.

I want to buy a new ship because my agent gave me a quest to have 7000 tritanium in my cargo hold and the basic frigate allows only to have 5000 . That is the only reason i want a new ship . That is why i decided i need a bigger ship , and i learned i cannot use bigger ship because i lack skill for it and skills for it will take days . So basically stuck on a quest.

Focus on learning game and start small… keep your losses small…

You will do same mistakes by using t1 modules or t2 s it just cost you more.

Eve is very complicated and involve lot of knowledge and understanding.

Your skills in your skill queue grows already faster than your knowledge and understanding …

Very new players doesnt even know what they will really enjoy in game and where they will end up … to be able to set attributes correct ypu need forst like ayear long planned skill queue to benefit best from attributes .

Let it sail… dont rush
Focus leanrning and exploring the game , as well as yourself .

You did a misstake by reading…
The frigate can load 5000 cm of Ore (i.e. Veldspar or Scordite)
Tritanium is obtained by refining the Veldspar.
With one load of Veldspar you will get the Tritanium you need for the mission.



Further, IF it was the other way around (you needing 7,000 units of raw ore) you don’t have to complete the mission in one trip. You can do it in 2, just offload your first load of ore to the agent’s station then come back with the rest. I’ve done it many many times.

A Venture is a great mining ship. And cheap.

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As @Jin_Endares wisely said - no SP can get you the real experience. You can fit a lower level ship that packs a serious punch (which is more fun than actually buying a bigger ship) but even that won’t help without experience how to strategize in various situations.

The training wait times is the part of the valuable experience which is unique to EVE. On the other hand, buying Omega time doubles the SP training speed, and there are also in-game opportunities like daily quests or giveaways.


If you use a invite link as a new player, you gain 1 million skill points for free.

There is a thread of invite links, some of which also give rewards if you spend money in the future:
Final Quarter 2021 Buddy Invites - New Citizens Q&A - EVE Online Forums

Just use those points wisely.

And save at least 300k. In the future there will be a skill you need or need to advance a level of a current skill quickly and you’ll be glad you have SP saved.

It sounds like this probably isn’t the game for you, then.

You can just mine 5000, deposit it in your hangar at the station the agent is in, then mine the other 2000 and do the same. Then turn in the full 7000. You don’t need to have all 7000 in your cargohold at the same time.

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