How to gain Skill Point

Hi. I am new to EVE Online. I am still learning things but the one thing I can’t figure out is how to gain skill points so I can be more effective in battle and so I don’t get blown up so fast (which is happening now but I manage to escape just in time). Anyone got any pointers for a newbie?

You gain skill points passively, not through combat or other actions.

You get skill points automatically over time as long as you have skills selected in your skill queue (ie. “these are the skills I want to train and the order I want to train them in”).

Alpha players (“free to play”) can train for free up to 5m skill points. Afterward, they can use injectors to inject up to 20m skill points. Omegas always train skills with skills in their queue (and can also use injectors)

Alright. Thanks. ^^

Safe flight

There are also 2 login campaigns going on at the moment that offer skillpoint rewards and a low cost starter pack that represents good value for new players.

For advice on how skills work, what skills to train and why:

Firstly: you are getting stuck in and are taking blows. That’s a the best way to learn and progress, and says a lot in your favour.

Be aware that it’s not “highest skill points wins fights” - experience, both in how to fight another player and in what fights to take and what to avoid, is more important. That comes with time and practice not just “drop your credit card, buy SP, and become a winner!”.

Similarly, the most expensive ship doesn’t win, or the blingiest fit - this isn’t “Top Trumps Eve Online Edition”.

The best way to learn is to join a good corporation that will help you learn - there’s a quite a few around.

Remember: if someone attacks you it is because they are confident they can beat you.
That knowledge comes with experience, not SP.


You can also buy skill injectors with isks (800 millions isks for a large one, which provides 500 000 sps to a low sps level character). But it is better to use them when you have a good idea of your aims.
As explained by other posters, eve is a paper scissor stone game, where a big blingy ship can be killed by a small frig (like an x wing versus the death star…), so sps help but are not a prerequisite to win a fight. Experience is more important

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