Purchasing Skill Point/How Does It Allocate?

I’ve got some money built up so I want to get into Mining. don’t have time for all the combat stuff right now.
To buy a small skill injector cost 212mil. However it will only give me 100,000 skill points.
My problem is I don’t know if it’s enough to train what I’m trying to buy it for?
How do I know how many skill points I need to complete each training que?

Use a third party tool like EVEMon to help to plan your skills and determine how many injectors to buy. It even takes into account your injection tier based on your SP.

In my view, buying skill points always feels expensive. But in part that’s because I’m a tight fisted old fogey at heart.

The most useful reference is Eve University’ s skill training page. If you are buying 100,000 skill points then the reference is that it’s about 40% of the skill points needed to train a x1 skill such as the basic Mining skill to level V (256,000sp total).

I’m an Omega Clone with a fairly flat neural map and modest implants. I train at about 1,800sp/hr (as I recall - I’m probably remembering wrongly) - an Alpha Clone would be half that - so that 100,000 point injector is “a few days” off the skill queue (maybe five days for a Alpha player). Handwavy, back of the envelope figures - the University page shows you the maths.

Be wary of the temptation of the instant gratification of skill injectors. Just because you can sit in a space ship doesn’t mean you understand how to fly it successfully - that takes time and experience - waiting for training gives you that time. Just dropping your credit card, buying PLEX for ISK to buy skills and an expensive ships is a great way to have a really bad experience with Eve. She is a cruel mistress and many people will enjoy your tears.

I am already an Omega clone but yes you are right it is more prudent to wait and train. While training I usually read everything I can get my eyes on regarding what I’m training for.
Spent many a lunch hour with my tablet reading UniWiki articles on Ratting, drones, ship fitting, etc…
Then there’s the multitude of videos available on the different subjects…Thank god for Youtube.
Having said that my problem here is two fold.
One: I have 7 more days before I can train to pilot the “Procurer” I already purchased.
Two: Forgetting that I still had to train I found one cheaper in a nearby station so I “podded” over there and grabbed it up forgetting that I can’t get it back to my home station until I’m properly trained to fly it…DUHHHH!!! Don’t I feel stupid.
Anyway I was just curious how much it would cost me to buy the skills I needed so I could get my new ship home.

I know that waiting feeling. Combined with the “…and I also need to train the right turret and support skills”. I assume you’ve trained Strip Miners?

The Procurer is a good ship, nice and tanky (shield fitted) with a reasonable mining rate - I normally use a Skiff; the Procurer’s Exhumer equivalent - tank fitted: I mine for pleasure not profit. The Procurer makes you a lower priority target for gankers compared to other barges (“herd tanking”. Cruel, but it’s a harsh cluster).
Your best defence is always situational awareness.

I used to pod travel, though I do that very rarely now. A few hundred million SK of implants makes it a little riskier. Shuttles are cheap, as are the rookie Corvettes. They’ll give you a chance of getting you clone out safely if you get attacked.

Good luck - if you are near Amarr reach out to me in game and I’ll move it for you if I get chance.

If you are an Omega clone with a balanced attribute map and basic +3 implants, you will be training 33 SP/min or 47,520 SP per day so a small injector is a bit more than 2 days training the old fashioned way. You can train into a Procurer in about a week with no injectors - it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the cost to save a couple of days.

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