Feature Request: Easy way to see Total Skill Points needed to complete Training Queue

I think this is an obvious feature that is sorely needed. We have a small graph that shows training time for the Training Queue, and a button that suggests that we buy a Skill Injector, as well as the amount of time we could save by doing so, but we have no way to quickly see the Skill Points needed until we finish training.

This small and simple change would substantially simplify the following processes:

  1. When planning to use a Skill Injector, planning out what skills to train, e.g. “I want to plan out exactly 500,000 SP worth of skills, and I want to focus on Ratting”
  2. When you want to target a specific goal, e.g. “I want to achieve effective Leshak piloting” and you need to know exactly how many Injectors you will need to reach your goal
  3. When you are trying to decide whether to buy boosters on the New Eden Store, this would allow a more educated cost benefit analysis
  4. When you are training skills for use with Skill Extractors

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