Training Queue QoL

I got a few suggestions for the Training Queue:

  1. When a number of the skills in queue are selected the total time for those skills should be shown.

  2. Just as the total training time is shown so should the total number of required skill points.

  3. When you got unallocated skill points and you want to add them, the time saved is shown for each skill, so if you want to use the skill points on multiple shorter skills, you have to add the times together to know how much time the skill points are worth. Therefore show the total time the unallocated skill points are worth so we don’t have to do math.

  • Steve

You will see how much skill queue is covered by unallocated SP by simply clicking + sign. You don’t have to apply it immediately. The time is tricky to calculate because of different train speed for different skills because of attributes mapping. So it would be relevant only for current skill queue schedule.

I would rather have a multiselect skill move first within the queue or skill plan :slight_smile:

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Yea but lets say you got 1m SP to use and you use them on lower level skills. Then it would read:

Timed saved: 1d
Time saved: 1d
Time saved: 14hrs
Time saved: 2d
and so on…

Than you have to add them together yourself. It doesn’t give you a total. And yes, ofc it would only be able to tell you how much time it’s worth with your current attribtues.

The move of multiple skills would be great aswell - good idea. :slight_smile:


I personally try to run my skill queues in an increasing time manor.

I would love to see (in a Personal Skill Plan, or Corporate Skill Plan) the ability to right click, and see among the choices "Quickest time consistent with requirements and any Skill Attributes Imbalances.

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