Skill Plan Improvement

this isn’t anything massive but something small I’d like to see, basicaly i’ve cooked up a bunch of skill plans for myself and other people with the new skill system, I think it might be benefical to see the total train time that the skill que will take as listed on the skill plan prior to it being injected.

it would be helpful for recruiters and veterans to help new bros in the game by going
“oh hey i got this skill plan for you” sends over skill que
before new bro installs it, can see how long it will take to train

instead of “here’s a skill que, go train it”

just a small thing, nothing spectacular to write home about, just think it would be great to see that. i know things can be displayed when the skills are injected into the que, but that tells you only the total time of your total skill que, i figured specific skill que lengths being displayed on skill ques would be great.

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You can see how long it will take when you open the skill plan.

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thats after it’s installed… the OP wants to know it before it’s installed, which is impossible to know, based on how they have attributes mapped out or whatever else can affect skill training.

No, that is not installed. I just clicked on one in chat, and that opens.

Oh. Nevermind then

@Telaila you’re right, its weird i didn’t see it when I made the skill que, probably because the skill que i created for others was already completed and i wasn’t looking for a completed sign, honest mistake on my part, i’m going to slink off slowly now feeling like a dumbass.

@Drogon_Mace You were likely subconsciously expecting consistency in the UI and therefore the time it would take to train to appear in the same place it does for the skill queue.

pretty much, I was instinctively looking for numbers to be displayed like the normal skill que towards the bottom of the page, like how we have now, for the new skill que. I also wasn’t looking for the word “completed” because i was trying to find the numbers to tell me how long it would take to train XDDD

thats a total waffle on my side of things, dipped in fail sauce.

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