Skill UI idea

first, id like to see the little arrows back to collapse or enlarge areas of the skill available/trained so don’t have scroll through skill list. the skill categories staying prominent on top is not necessary.
second, id like to see the training que have 2 additions:

  1. row and columns so we could select how to sort…sort by name, sort by train time, sort by category, sort by attribute etc…obviously always keeping current skill in training at the top.
  2. skill attribute icons next to skill name in the training que

I’d much rather be able to opt-out of the current god-awful skill UI design and revert back to the old one…


i kinda like the old one better myself

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I really miss being able to see how many SP remain on a skill that is training or in my queue.

Having to leave game for a third part app to get that info seems ridiculous.


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