Skill UI trained visual bug

Sometimes untrained learned skills are displaying dots instead of squares, like those not yet learned

I can’t count how many skillbooks I’ve bought without needing them because I’m used to look at that instead of the blue/red icon :weary:

That’s how a learned skill without any rank trained should look like:

And this was the bug, while we are at it I’d like to add a couple feature requests.

  1. The skill panel is still not as usable as the old one, people stopped complaining just because they gave up on having it changed, not because they got used to it. Could we please at least get a couple of resizing bars between the vertical and horizontal elements?
    Really, all I care is the queue and the catalog, I’d like to be able to leave more space for those and resize the useless categories to small icons, as it was in the old interface

  2. The timeline bar below skill names is really nice, but unlike on the old interface now it only shows up when mouse-hovering on the big bar at the bottom
    Could we have an option to keep it visible at all time?


I agree with you. I got used to the new window, but I still don’t like it - compared to the old one which was better.

As you said, resizing bars/elements would be a good improvement. It might allow less space to be wasted and more of the useful parts to be seen.

(As long as they don’t bring back the big ‘gap’!)

There are also some scaling bugs in the new window. I play on a minimum resolution. With the new skill window maximized I see only 2 rows of skills at the bottom. But here is the funny thing - if I set the window to non-maximized which makes it only slightly smaller, I can actually see 4 rows of skills. It shows more rows! Even though fonts etc are still the same size. Lol.

And the whole thing still blocks most of my screen, so I don’t open it while I’m in space.

I also agree - the timeline bars staying visible all the time would be more useful (like it was in the old window) Currently having to hover the mouse over some sections to show them is kinda annoying.

People stopped complaining because CCP has not done anything to fix most of the raised issues. They only fixed a handful of glaring defects and then called it quits.


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If I recall correctly squares if you haven’t started training yet, dots is if you cannot train them yet.

There is a difference.

Previously the ‘skillbook not yet injected’ was reflected in a greyed out name, now I think the brightly coloured squares are supposed to tell you something, but apart from being distractingly bright and big I cannot tell you what.

Well, the new window is pretty bad, and Brisc said that they had a meeting with CCP about it. So, I assumed that it was taking so long because they were putting a lot of effort into making a big update. I mean, surely they couldn’t let something that bad remain as is, right? Right?

But more and more time keeps passing, and they have a history of taking a really long time to do certain things (like make the red dot optional). So, who knows. I’m now starting to think that we’ll be lucky if we see a major update within a year.

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