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I want to give a short Feedback to the new Skill UI we got. I have mix feeling about it. Positiv Things:

  • The Skill window is bigger
  • it looks like 2021 and not like 2000
  • Skillplans are super Awesome, special you can share them and see how you keep track, also the feature that I can put the Skills in my Q with one click is great. That the prerequestet Skills also get into the Q is also a great feature. This part of the new UI is well done. Great Job CCP.
  • 150 Skills is super Aweseome!


  • The big window is bad used
  • It got harder to get an overview picture of your skills in a particular Field like (Armor etc.)
  • Sorting of the Skill Fields Alphabetic might not be the best choice.
  • Skillplans should show how much Skillpoints you need until you reach the goal.

In General it was a good idea. I just think you miss out on some minor parts to make the new UI to a great one.
I want to come to the Downsides of the UI to explain how there small changes can fix stuff and improve the usability of the new UI.
We have now much space with the newer bigger window. Sadly I see the mistake that you just make everything big and waste alot of space in between the lines of the Skills. This way it is very hard to get an overview. I want to state an Example here to clarify what is bad and how you could fix it easily without changing the whole ui.

If i open the Skill window and I want to check how I do in a Particular Field (I will pick armor for this example) it is very hard to get this overview picture. I have to scroll up and down to see all Skills. I can not display all the Skills to the fact that every skill just takes so much space. It would be great if I could change the Fontsize of this part of the UI. So give me a button for example where I can switch between Big Icons / Font (like now) to small Icons (Font) so i can get an overview over my Armor Skills. So I can see very easy how I am doing in this field and where to improve.

A second change I want to suggest is the Sorting of the Skill Fields. It is okay to have them sortet in alphabetic order, but it makes no sense if you are an EVE Player with more experience. I want the old sorting back to be fair. But for new Players an Alphabetic Look will be easier. I can remember 5 years ago how hard it was to find Drones or Electronic Systems, because the sorting makes no sense. So here you did a good job for new players but make a hard job on as old players. This sorting is bad because the Fields do not have any Connection. I take out Spaceship Command. This Field is there to learn the Skill of piloting Ships. Fields I have next to it are Social and Structure Management. This does not make any Sense. This Fields are not Related to each other and they do not have anything in Common. So here I would suggest that you make a Button so ppl can switch from alphabetic order to the old order (connected order) where the Fields where somehow connected. It would help to improve the usability of this tool and reduce alot of search time. I have liked the Idea to come from Space Ships top left to Structure bottom right in the old view. It makes sense when you grow experience.

Skillplans are great and there is only one thing I would wish to make the tool even better. Currently you display in the circle Diagram the Number of Skills I have and how much skills do i miss. That is good. But in fact that we talk about SP and not about Skills. We should have a second view or a Button I can switch between. The current view and how much Skillpoints I missing to finish the Skillplan. The Skillpoints it self indicates much more how long will it take then the number of Skills. This is down to the fact not every skill has the same time to skill. So it would be great if I can see. I haver x Skillpoints and i need y Skillpoints to finish and z are the total Skillpoints. Displayed like Skillpoints: x / z needed y
(Picture for this in the next post … I can not put more the two links in a post)

Well if someone from CCP even read this The UI is good but you have done some small Mistakes I think where you throw away the features that where good on the old UI.

Natalie Helena

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Except it’s not

It looks like 2014 touch screens

They lack the basic functionality of any of the third party tools who have built skill plans for over a decade.

This was true of the old system

Has nothing to do with the ui

This is the only critique I can point to and say the negativity around it is so mostly do to a negative predisposition to change.

The UI is awful and skill plans are hardly worthy of being called an alpha at this point. Bare bones proof of concept with very little practicality. Especially do to only being able to create and share 10 at a time for some reason only ccp knows.

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The 150 skill limit imo is also pretty ridiculous, maybe limit Alphas to 150 skills but for Omega pilots both the skill training time and number of skills able to be queued should be unlimited.

If some spaghetti code in CCP prevents the limit from being removed, then set it at the total number of skills a player can train or 10,000 or something.

I can see this being very useful for alts of Omega pilots who want to train into something like industrial and research which require a large skillpool, just let them queue up the 300 skills or so to do so.

Version 19.08 - General Feedback

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I mean. The servers do need to keep track of each queue

I cannot believe the update has not been reverted yet. The Skill UI is simply awful.

If the goal is to have something that works on a tablet, they need to have separate software for that. Anyone seriously playing this game is using a PC or three. Anyone not playing this game seriously is transient and unlikely to get serious playing this game on a touch screen.

It would be nice to be able to remove more buttons from Neocom (Agency, Events, daily login stuff cough cough). In this case we have 2 buttons for skill queue, a little bar that shows learning progress and the big icon that resembles a book. I would love to be able to remove one (preferably the big one).

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That’s too easy. They wanna make sure they are heard so they do stuff like creating their own threads.

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I have both the new skill icon and the agency off my neo com. I’m pretty sure you can remove anything from it.

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