Version 19.08 - General Feedback

Good day,

A new monthly update (Version 19.08) begins today, and to keep things organized we are creating a new set of feedback threads. Please use them to discuss all the things released until in this version of EVE Online.

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i just wanted to be 1st - have a great day!

and because if i dont add this i get flagged so grr ccp hat ccp :slight_smile:

(i enjoy the changes)


Removed the ability to launch Personal Deployables in new player starting solar systems and career agent solar systems.

That’s a good thing.


I just love the fact that the game is constantly evolving in the right way since years, even if sometimes these are just QoL, and that features are added! The Epic Games addition might also be a big thing.

Feedback though. That’s absolutely too big. (EDIT: Figured you can simply make it a normal Window, nevermind, although new players might not figure it out, so -0.2 on that).

Although, you can now see your full characters and Apparel.
This is a +1000 for me, I missed that since Station Removal.

All the best! Great job!


Why does my character sheet show a huge version of my character?

I mean, it looks nice, but apart from that it has no gameplay implication, takes up screen space and it takes a couple of seconds to load each time I open the character sheet for some reason.

Previously I was able to hide that part of the character sheet, with a button similar to the one in the screenshot below:

With the main difference that this button now hides the useful part of the character screen (= the part with the data, implants, tabs and such), rather than the useless part (my lovely character).

Could you reverse that?


Interesting observation: you made some Locked Items icons brighter but others not:


The Raven icon is the same dark theme as before but the Gila, Ferox and Scorpion are much brighter. (No, this is not because I have it highlighted.) I am not saying that this is a bad thing. Quite the contrary, that’s good if it were consistent for all ships. Amarr ships icons might become a bit too bright now but I have not seen one yet to judge.


Love the intent but why is there a massive fixed space gap between the skill box and the training queue!
was this tested on a non 4K screen, its just overwhelming the space on a 1920 pannel,
it looks good and i understand the goal but its just hard work now

can we please get the option to minimise the size of the actual Icons, they now occupy half the window which was previoulsy 1/3rd.

also as a ‘omg paranoid’

when you miniise it docked only the expert system and buy Injector are not covered


Speaking of Icons:

Why are the Gunnery and Missiles icons so easy to mix up. The projectile looks very similar to the missile. The gunnery icon should be a gun.


Wanna improve you game? Rollback to 2013…thank you “thumb up”

  • Removed the 24-hours limit for the Alpha Training Queue.

That’s an unusual change… :thinking:

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Bullet versus a rocket, seems pretty clear to me to be honest.

Are those icons new?


Hello, can we have a button in options, where the skill look was exactly the same and not covering two monitors?
Thank you.


this takes way way too much space!

wtb option for older version…or reduce those windows!
whats the gameplay interest for seeing your character on a quarter of the screen?


They are new. They are roughly the same shape, they are oriented these same way, they are obviously the same color. Lots of things that make them too similar to each other although icons should be “iconic”, ie. easy to differentiate. Those icons are not easy to differentiate.

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Skill queue feedback:

Why do I have to add a skill to my skillqueue to see how long it would take to train it? Why can I not get that information when I hover the skill, like I could before?

Where can I see how much SP I already have trained in a skill? I cannot see this anywhere, I used to see this when I hover a skill previously.

Edit: I suppose those two issues will be solved once this known issue is fixed?


That’s in the known issues as missing information.

That’s a new feature to make it easier for newbies. The information overload of the previous skill menu was too much and caused them to have a brain stroke.


Верните старый интерфейс персонажа и навыков!


its problably just until they launch in epic store considering how ccp works they gona reduce to 12h


In Faction Warfare system contest level does not change after FW complexes are captrured (confirmed by multiple pilots), and LPs are not given also.

The new skills system is terrible.

Firstly - from a usability standpoint, I can no longer quickly bring up skills, refer to them whilst still doing things in space, then just close them out. It covers the entire screen with a mess of useless “Fisher Price” level design.

Secondly - there’s no indication how long the next level of a skill will take to train…

And that’s after looking at it for about 5 seconds. I’m sure I’ll find more.

Did CCP even actually test this? Did they use it themselves and think this was good?