[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 14 September 2021

Hello, everyone,

With the new quadrant starting tomorrow and bringing the previously announced updates to Skill Plans and New Player Experience, we will need more time to deploy the changes during tomorrow’s daily maintenance.

The maintenance will start at 11:00 UTC, and we expect Tranquility to resume accepting connections by 11:35 UTC at the latest. I will let you know if we bring the services back up sooner in this thread and via EVE Status Twitter.

Thanks for your patience o7



Code deployment is looking good. Starting Tranquility in the VIP mode to let our teams do a range of checks before letting everyone in :slight_smile:


The maintenance has started. Sit back, relax, and read through today’s Patch Notes while we are working on deploying the update to Tranquility.


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Does that mean you have improved both following all the feedback, or are you just rolling them out regardless?

I fear I can bet upon the answer, but please prove me wrong.


Wait what?!
The last quadrant ended?!
No way!!!

I seriously hope, you will have an option build in with this patch to disable that new bulky and ugly appearance , and let me use the current system.


Rant gonna pour like river after this one. And I bet they didn’t even touched it after all that feedback on test server.


no way man, there need few year to do it…
But anyway price on shoes must go up…

Can I get an F for functional ui


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WHY is the window for the skills so



There is just empty space everywhere…


Oh bob, oh bob, were all gonna die.


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I don’t mind with trying to experiment with shifting downtime or updating the game for the better. But isn’t a 170 hour notice better than a 10 hour one? I don’t think us miners care too much, but I believe larger organized combat fleet operations would like some knowledge of when interruptions begin. Or maybe they don’t mind. I know I didn’t mind the changing downtime the other day.

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for me the new skill plans are a no Please have a revert to option as is now . I have bin on the test server and as someone who has played for a number of years its putting un necessary junk between me and what im doing if you really want to see if this is a good idea give a revert to old option and monitor how many switch back to old that will tell you after 2-3 months what the average player feels about it . im betting most will revert to old very quickly
ok the NPE is better but the new skill system is not good who ever thought it up needs all there ships transported to the next whack-a-mole
i see the skill system as something that wont be liked by a majority of players and you will spend years fixing


I played a little bit with the new skill UI today, after I worked out where everything was, it was fine. I do think it should be more compact and another tab in the player sheet, not its own window though.

Another nice feature would be if each of the ship mastery levels could be turned into a skill plan with just one click from the ship info window.

The skill plans are going to be good, heard a few people in game say they are looking forward to that.


You realize you can completely ignore the skill plan part right?

However whoever designed the ui needs to be fired. This looks like a hs project not a professional design.


Well, does the … I cant say new, thats just wrong. does this horrible idea of a UI come with a virtual barf bag? I dont want to hurl and spend an hour cleaning out my pod.

BTW how hard is it to make a short mission for the n00bs that introduces them to each section of space: high, low, null and wh. Where they learn the basic differences and get ganked a few times so I don’t have see them curse and throw a hissy fit in local when I introduce them to low sec play time. You would think that at some point in the 16 years and what… 200 devs you’ve cycled through that you could have figured this out. Then again you probably don’t spend enough time playing the game to know better.

As for “certified” skill plans … swing and a miss.


i bet they gave a ■■■■ on feedback anyways.