Version 19.08 - Known Issues

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Another monthly update (Version 19.08) begins today. Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in this version of EVE Online. Thanks a million!

Quick Info:

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  • Inactive Client Muting option ‘Station Interior’ is not properly muting some station interiors.

New Player Experience:

  • Players with customized Overview settings cannot add missing entities to the Overview due to context menus being disabled in this area.


  • Some Aspirant SKINs have unintended VFX applied.
  • Some ship icons are overly light.
  • The new Cyber Suit augmentations erroneously require to equip a top layer of clothing. - fixed on 2021-09-28

Missions & NPCs:

  • Faction warfare sites are not completing correctly. - fixed on 2021-09-15

Skills / Skills Planner:

  • It’s possible that there are niche circumstances that cause a character to be unable to save or retrieve Personal Skill Plans.
  • Very large Skill Plans can cause performance issues to occur.
  • Changing the ship while docked in station with open skill planner in full screen mode will not change the ship model in the ship hangar.
  • Omega trained skills are not shown highlighted in yellow on the Skill Group progress bar for an Alpha account.
  • Skill Catalogue: Skill name filter does not deselect the currently selected skill group highlight
  • Shift drag & drop of a skill in the queue does not add the next level of a skill.
  • Pressing the Expert System button from the training queue can focus on a previously selected tab of the Character sheet.
  • Currently missing certificate browser functionality from the Skill Catalogue.
  • Skill info tooltip currently lacking detailed information.
  • Character Sheet can be collapsed in an unintended manner through Expert Systems button interaction.
  • Certified Skill Plans being marked as complete even though skillbooks are missing.
  • Possible for some users to not see the character portrait by default due to the window being in a docked state.
  • Character Sheet window does not open to it’s full width after being closed whilst collapsed.

User Interface:

  • Mission tracker in the info panel not showing after accepting Career Agent mission. - fixed in client update
  • Unstacking chat channels can cause the remaining channel window to be displayed incorrectly. - fixed in client update
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Updated the Character Windows interface.


and made it worse and buggy in the process.

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Why release the crap when you know there are known issues before the servers are actually online?

How dare you?


Still not fixed…

Still not fixed…

None of the issues pointed out in the feedback topic are listed as Known Issues. That’s amazing.


Because they may not see these happening when it goes from a testing server to the live server.


And the new quirk of the new windows priority system remains even with the new Skill window. I opened it, changed it to floating and then it was hidden partially behind the hangar windows and station services window. Regardless how much I clicked on the window, it would not come to the foreground. I had to click on one of the obstructing windows and then on the skill window to make it come to the foreground. That happens to all sorts of other windows as well.

Plus, it is exceedingly hard to find the edge of the new skill window because it lacks a clear brighter border. With all the other dark UI elements, it’s unreasonably hard to get the window adjustment mouse cursor right.


Yeaahh… another unstackable window.


Simulation windows are not working

No ‘Purchase’ button in LP Store.

Can not change name of ships. I just bought a ship and can not change the name of the ship. Not cool!

The split stack feature doesn’t seem to be working.

Cannot split stacks in NPC station, I have not checked this in citadels. Cannot load anything in your cargohold if the stack volume is bigger than your bay.

Evemail is not accessible

Can’t rename ships or containers.

Thank you for finally fixing the ice, only took 4 months…

Character Sheet Portrait (Left Hand Side) is not displayed with no option to expandwhen the character window is stacked.


Cant drag stuff (empty ships cargo) in a structure. Anything is blank. Should I bug report this or you guys know already?’

UPDATE, i relogged, all seem well now. See how i go lol

I cant unload anything at all lol

Ditto on the lack of a border around the skill queue window!!!