Version 19.06 - Known Issues

Hello, everyone,

Another monthly update (Version 19.06) is live! Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in this version of EVE Online. Thanks a million!

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  • Flickering black squares appearing on screen when client is running on Direct X 11

User Interface:

  • T3 Susbsystem Skill loss is still mentioned in each Strategic Cruiser Traits tab

Amarr Station lighting is now more reminiscent of Sansha lighting when it should not be.

discription info about skill loss not changed in t3c’s --typical of ccp


They’re human, and like all humans, small details can easily get missed? Just point out the things that need fixing and don’t be a ■■■■■?


rofl … if this is the only problem … i call it a op success





Station Interior sound effects are super loud and drown out all other sounds.

Various Market items bugged, some of them have been active for well over a year now.

Contracts Window bug when searching for a specific item. It won’t find and/or display the specific item that’s been entered into the search option.

Here’s the list of affected Market items:

No Market Listing
(No option to place market buy/sell order)

Men’s Yoiul Stormchasers Cap
Men’s Yoiul Stormchasers T-Shirt
Men’s Yoiul Stormchasers Pants
Men’s Yoiul Stormchasers Suit

Women’s Yoiul Stormchasers Cap
Women’s Yoiul Stormchasers T-Shirt
Women’s Yoiul Stormchasers Pants
Women’s Yoiul Stormchasers Suit

No Market Listing
(can place buy/sell order - will show using market search option)

Men’s Biosecurity Response Team Mask
Women’s Biosecurity Response Team Mask

Men’s SOE Enhanced Biosecurity Mask
Women’s SOE Enhanced Biosecurity Mask

No Market Listing
(can only place buy/sell order if item is in hangar - won’t show using market search option)

Women’s ‘Farsight’ Augmented Spectacles

Wrong Market Category

Men’s Imperial Stargate Crew Shoes
(Listed in: Apparel / Women’s Clothing / Footwear)

Women’s Sisters Of Eve Advanced Combat Suit
(Listed in: Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Outerwear)

Women’s Capsuleer Day XVII T-Shirt
(Listed in: Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Tops)


Not sure if this is a “new” issue but it is for me.

All my blueprints appear like this.

Появились черные квадраты (артефакты) вокруг кораблей и сооружений, путем перебора функций графики, выяснилось, что появились они из-за функции Пост обработка, если ее выключить, то все нормально. До обновления, функция была включена и все работало прекрасно.



Black squares (artifacts) appeared around ships and structures, by iterating over the graphics functions, it turned out that they appeared due to the Post processing function, if you turn it off, then everything is fine. Before the update, the feature was enabled and everything worked fine.

That definitely sux…

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there is a problem with the explosion effect of small structures like Stasis Towers and Cruise Missile Batteries as shown in the screenshot

and it’s not random i’m doing a DED right now and every time without fail i kill on of the towers that bugged explosion happens

Screenshot 2021-07-13 151116


Removed “enable/disable light background” option from chat tabs when stacked.

No, you have not removed that option. I can still see it when I right click a chat stack’s tab bar. And you also have not fixed the issue that adding a chat tab (private convo ,for instance) turns on transparency for that stack. So get your stupid hands off of that option until you have fixed that issue.

You also have not fixed the issue that closes my item/ship hangar every time I undock from a structure and that prevents me from reopening either hangar via the hotkeys.

And who the hell turned on Gallente green lights in the Amarr stations? God, do you ever get anything right?

The issue with Log off that mixes up contact labels between chars that you logged off from and the char that you activated after the log off persists, too.

Nebulas seems really too low resolution now


Да уж… Улучшили - значит улучшили и точка…
И это-ж не багИ, а такие особенности игры… ну и мозга графо-делов. ))
Только откат к Dx9 помог (

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The stars lack the distinct EVE lens flare effects!!! Return it! (EDIT: it vanishes sporadically, then after undocking it appears!)

Looks like the limits for camera zoom in and out (the one for wider/narrower camera view) were also changed, unnecessarily…

So after i’ve set transparency to 0 from general settings under window apperance , my Neocom is still transparent .
I don’t know if you can comprehend this , but my eyes are hurting because of this , it puts stress on the ocular muscles as it just forces my eyes , because i simply can longer distinguish the icons from the Neocom .
Same goes for the sun and the nebula brightness , it hurts my eyes !!!
It is a horrendous gaming experience and you should feel bad about this !

The Description of the Venture has an incorrect link. It lists an Industrial Cynosural Field Generator, but instead links to the Industrial Cynosural Field.

the amount of bug that i keep seeing here with evry update remind me of two particulary game
Fallout 76 and it’s sequel, cyberpunk 77

I can’t even open the launcher on the Steam version now, just a day or two after reupping my Omega as well. I click to launch, I see the CCP logo, and then it crashes without an error. I’ve uninstalled, rebooted, launched as admin, etc. Nothing’s working.

For the love of god how do I mute that horrible loud speaker that happens when docked in NPC stations?