Version 19.06 - Feedback and Known Issues (Mac)

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Another monthly update (Version 19.06) is live! Please use this thread for general feedback and reporting on issues for Mac clients found in this version.

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  • Flickering black squares appearing on screen when client is running on Direct X 11

User Interface:

  • T3 Susbsystem Skill loss is still mentioned in each Strategic Cruiser Traits tab

Intel iMac - the act of warping freezes my client.

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I apparently was using a debug/dev version of wine. Once I checked Shared Cache and went to the default wine binary, I’m good again.

How do you go about doing that ?

Under the system menu along the top, scroll down to PREFERENCES
A new window will open
Under Tools/Cache
Make sure the first box is unchecked
And you are using RELEASE version
Under SHARED CACHE you can Verify yours
Also, Under WINE Options make sure USE DEV VERSIONS is unchecked
Credit: RixxJavix

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Dear CCP, I don’t know what you all did, but thank you for making my fitting window not take 9 years to load the modules any more.

edit: “”“I see someone else had posted “initiation of warp” caused a crash.
currently working on backing up to the regular non-dev version, I think it’s doing wine-4.19
feels like going one step forward, then two steps back”""
edit2: “”“yep, stepping back to wine-4.19 fixed the issue, thanks guys, bug report for the dev-branch still reported in case it gives clues for the devs.”""

bug report filed EBR-221825

So, had this hit last weekend, real life hit and I’ve not had time to put in a decent bug report. Mac wine client has been butter smooth for me for months now and I’ve been stoked (iMac Vega chip generally the last thing to get fixed for rollouts). Took a JF through multiple hops up to my next to HS point, thank god I didn’t try to warp JF to HS gate. Multiple clients, all with ships that pulled out of station, lit cynos, docked back up, no issues, smooth. Main character docked his JF and pulled out a DST to go to HS/Jita, hard freeze on initiation of warp (had to kill via the OS). Of course logging back in to character causes hard freeze again as the ship has warped of to safe spot and immediately warps back to where you crashed, on logon. Oops. Had to log in with my gaming windows laptop to “rescue” the DST and get him safely back in station. Behavior is reproduced across all of my clients, capsule and up. Something about initiation of warp crashes. I got excited about a large wine update a couple days ago, still same issue.

iMacPro 2017, 3.2 GHz 8core Xeon W, Graphic: Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB

Reproduction Steps

pull out of station, initiate warp

I checked “Verify Cache”, I have no corrupt files.
Wine 5.7-Staging-winhq-binary-255
DevBranch Winehq-binary

Well thanks for this - but - I’m not sure where you are originating from, from my main bar I can find PREFERENCES but there is no Tools/Cache under the window that opens.

Also I don’t know where WINE lives. :frowning:

2018 Mac mini with and eGPU Radeon RX 580 8gb ram.

Control+F in eve says i’m running dx9. How do i get DX 11 to work with wine on mac?

I am on a MBA m1, wine 4.17 dev and have been able to play for the last few weeks like this, now it crashes. Whats changed?

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