Version 19.09 - General Feedback (Mac)

Salutations, Capsuleers,

A new monthly deployment (Version 19.09) is now live, together with the Native mac client release! I encourage you to check out the patch notes for information on making this as smooth of a transition as possible.

Please use this thread to discuss anything around the Native mac client and other releases that will go live on Tranquility until next monthly. We also have a separate Known Issues forum thread that you should to use for monitoring and bug reporting purposes.

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This change broke a couple short cuts:

  • In the personal/corp assets view, Cmd+A/Ctrl+A don’t select all the visible assets anymore. Cmd+A works when selecting text in notes. Cmd+A seems to navigate to the first location starting with A instead.
  • In the personal/corp assets view, Cmd+C/Ctrl+C don’t copy entries anymore. Cmd+C works when copying text from notes. Cmd+C seems to navigate to the first location starting with C instead.

I filed bug report EBR-224905, please fix :slight_smile:


On a 27" iMac I have to set scaling to 200% in order to make the UI sufficiently visible… is this expected? It works, but I wonder if there is not a better way to make things sized properly. In the Wine client I had it set to around 120%.

FWIW, I seem to get about 60fps regardless of scaling factor. Performance (CPU, fan noise) is HUGELY improved in the native client, bravo CCP!

New users (who don’t have existing settings data) should default to 175% or 200% with a similar screen resolution that you listed. As you’re an existing user, we were using the old wine settings, which were likely 120%.

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Thankyou for all your hard work on this. Massive performance improvement over the wine client as expected. Overview settings have survived the update as well which is a bonus!

Ermagherd! It is amazing. Thank you very much for doing this. Just in time for Apple’s product event next week. Credit card is gonna get a bit hot.

I’m having issues with this one.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure in the last version, I was able to set the game display resolution to 50%… even while in Windowed mode?

I have a 2019 iMac 27" with 580x Radeon GPU. It was always a bit sluggish at full resolution, so I would set it to 50%, but the UI would stay looking crisp. Now I can only go half resolution when in fullscreen mode and when I do, the UI looks like garbage at any scaling.

Even at full 5k, the game is now slow to the point of being unplayable. It wasn’t great at 5k before, but now it’s awful.

Really disappointing - has been the only game I’ve though worth bothering with on Mac and this release so far has made it unplayable for me. An absolute dead-cert subscription killer if this is how it is going to be long-term.

Overall great to have the native mac client.
Noticing a couple issues:

  1. Seems that the ‘overload’ button is recognized as being quite a bit larger than before. clicking on the middle of the module icon or even the bottom half in some cases is turning on overload instead of activating the module. Makes it easy to accidentally start burning mods if you don’t catch it.
  2. There seems to be a graphical issue in the abyss where the window is occupied by uniform red image artifacts. See attached photo for reference.

Well this is a bummer. My wife had just decided to give EVE a shot on her pooter, an older iMac running High Sierra (can’t upgrade any further). I’d gotten things installed and operational via Steam’s compatibility tools. The update won’t let her log in, since the computer no longer meets the minimum hardware requirements. Is there a way to reject the update and go back to Steam’s version?

Regarding the red artifacts, what macOS version are you running? If you’re on 10.14 (Mojave), there are known graphical issues on that OS. If so, we suggest upgrading to 10.15 (Catalina) or higher.

If you’re already running macOS 10.15 or higher, could you file a bug report (F12) with screenshots of the issue? This will also give us more detailed system specification information we can use to troubleshoot the issue.

Does the bug report profile our system? I don’t recall seeing that information before being sent.

Unfortunately, Apple officially dropped software support for 10.13 back in December 2020 and we’re unable to continue supporting macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or lower. There are simply too many compatibility issues on High Sierra which complicate development for more recent OS versions.

Hi! By sluggish you mean the FPS or the fact that it’s a bit slow to respond? If it’s the second one, I have the same issue and had to lower resolution to about 75% (I’m on a 16"MBP) to avoid sluggishness and still have a decent UI resolution.

So, a few issues.

The login screen is enormous and I have to resize it every time I try and log in.

In-game I am using 175% at the moment, but can see myself having to go to 200%.

The graphics are astonishing when everything is set to High but the lag generated at that point makes the game unplayable. It is also affecting other running apps, so I have had to lower the settings such that all are at Medium, Anti-Aliasing is Disabled and Post Processing and Shadow Quality are at Low.

Other than the above, loving the upgrade.

System specs:
27in 5K iMac with an i5 quad-core 3.5GHz, 16GB 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM, Radeon Pro 575 4GB. BigSur 11.6.

If higher resolutions are slowing down the game, try 3200x1800 with AA Medium or Off. I personally find this resolution on the iMac retina displays a good mix of quality and performance on high settings.

Thank you! I will try that asap.

Another bug: previously I could click on a character in the local chat member list, then press ctrl-a and ctrl-c to copy them. Now neither work (using cmd or ctrl) to select all, and even if I manually select all by clicking the first and shift-clicking the last, nothing happens with ctrl-c or cmd-c.

There was a similar issue involving Cmd+A and Cmd+C on the Personal/Corporate asset pages, where those shortcuts were not selecting or copying the entries correctly. We’re currently investigating that issue and will include this as part of the investigation.

Slow to respond, I guess. FPS stays between 50-60 away from Jita, which I assume is pretty decent for an iMac monitor (which presumably cannot exceed 60).

I play Windowed though, and there is no option to scale the resolution in this mode. I thought there used to be!?

By scaling resolution I mean reducing it. I play on 1440p on my MBP16 and it works well.