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EVE Online is now fully native on Mac, with a brand-new client bringing improved graphics and visual effects, reduced RAM and power usage, full support for macOS keyboards & mice, and more!

To commemorate this release, we have a new daily login rewards stocked with Quafe Zero Green Apple, a sparkling new product line from the beloved Quafe brand :slight_smile:

For specific feedback on the Native Mac client release, please head on over to the respective feedback threads.



I just want to say: Yay!


Even though I don’t have a Mac, I gotta say it’s about time…

For years and years Mac players have been asking for support…


This change broke a couple short cuts:

  • In the personal/corp assets view, Cmd+A/Ctrl+A don’t select all the visible assets anymore. Cmd+A works when selecting text in notes. Cmd+A seems to navigate to the first location starting with A instead.
  • In the personal/corp assets view, Cmd+C/Ctrl+C don’t copy entries anymore. Cmd+C works when copying text from notes. Cmd+C seems to navigate to the first location starting with C instead.

I filed bug report EBR-224905.

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Absolutely love the Quafe Apple Fatboy skin.

Downloaded the launcher onto my M1 macbook air - Logged in, clicked play, nothing happens. This is the same as the previous version of the client. Has this change actually been released yet?

Yes, this has been released. Can you confirm you’re on the latest launcher (should be if you’ve just downloaded though)? It should be version 1949381

Otherwise, we will need to see the logs. A support ticket + bug report will allow us to work through this with you. Details here: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/202078999-EVE-LogLite-Diagnostic-Tool-

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woohoo! it works! for the first time in over a year it works on my Mac! thank you! :smiley:

Unfortunately due to my email being unverified (which I have now fixed, but the support site still says it’s not) I can’t submit a ticket. Truthfully however the loglite simply says “Aborting waiting for process to start after 27882ms” which I doubt is useful to you. I can confirm I am on 1949381.

EDIT: Completely deleting the cache from my system has also not helped.

Not playable on Mac OS X after update… incorrect light, textures, too much bugs… guns not visible on ship (switched On in Graphics settings )

20 years in making and finally it’s here! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
A little bit of more waiting and we might even get anti-aliasing on PCs :stuck_out_tongue:

On the serious note, it’s an unbelievably epic job to rewrite the whole code - congrats!

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How I can play like this?
Was ok before update…
How to download old version for Mac OS X?
Can’t add photos here, added to twitter:

Support, please check this


Please file a bug report and we will take a look. We’ll need to know system details to investigate.

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Can you share a link please? I’m new here.

Ticket 1672451 submitted

Eve client completely fails to launch, as reported on the Sisi thread and bug reported then. Opened a new bug for TQ (EBR-224952) and guessing this is the end of my eve experience :frowning:

Who do I contact (and how) to get refunds for my now useless accounts?

Mac OS X Mojave, Xeon X5650 6-Core, 64GB-DDR3, 2GB GTX680
And yes, I know about recommended i5 CPU, before update everything was fine on Xeon X5650.

Are you on M1 by any chance?

M1 Macbook Pro here. I seem to get some lag when spinning my ship. From click to drag for the spin, there is a noticeable pause.

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