Just wanted to say thanks!

Hey EVE developers,

I recently got a new iMac and decided I’d give EVE a try on it. I’m happy to report that the game runs very smoothly, and the Mac native function key support is wonderful!

Thanks for all the work you do to make the EVE experience great on the Mac!

Just seconding this.

I actually appreciate the effort of CCP. Most PC games charge a premium for even looking in the direction of mac. Here we all play as equals.

The 80/20 rule applies here too. Initially, it takes a little effort to port. But an incredible sustained effort to iron out all the bugs.

Thank for the continued ironing on the Mac.


that was done a long long time ago.

Let us know if/when you start running into the instability issues with the client that most of us experience on a daily basis.

just between you and me, I wasn’t in EVE a long time ago. So i’m just going by my experience of a Mac game player.

For example with 70% of cool games.

  1. that’s a cool game. Is it out on my mac? No
  2. that’s a cool PC game. And they ported it to Mac …2 years later.
  3. I have to read for 3 hours, and learn a programming language and ported this to Mac myself.

So yeah CCP is pretty cool.

CCP has done a lot to help. Yet, just my opinion, they seem to have disappeared of late.
I believe the CCP wine bundle is 2.22(?). They have a dev version that is farther along, but it seems the devs who where supporting the Mac/Linux side have ether died, or given more pressing task. So a lot of the new game features coming out lag up older hardware (not just macOS) and have been causing pains for many of us. I know that when I have a chance to play, having my two accounts in at once use to be smooth, but now have issues every once in awhile. I have to generally close clients and relaunch.

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