Poor MAC stability leads to frequent crashes and ship losses

Funny, I only have 1 app that gives me ANY problems in the past 11y of running a MAC and it’s this one. Thanks for the neglect CCP.

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One does not simple buy a MAC and expect it to perform well.

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It used to be a standard phrase: “Macs just work”. Now is that 100% true. No, I have been a Mac user for over half my life. And generally it has been true, but I have done enough tech support to know that everything isn’t always peaches and cream with Mac.

Now, I must confess I haven’t really played eve in a while. RL is more pressing and …
The Mac client has for many of the Mac users who talk on the forum (not everyone comes here) been getting worse and worse. Now I used to play with 3 accounts on a 2012 iMac with low end quad-core and an (can’t fully remember the gpu) 640m with 512mb.
Over the years that went from 3 accounts to two; mostly because of financial issues, but also to increases of system requirements (when does it become financially responsible to pay for three accounts when you can only really run two comfortably).
Finally about two years ago (i’d have to go through logs) problems started to creep up. CCP started to upgrade things, talked about removing DX9… things progressed and problems kept getting worse for people. I know my biggest issues popped their ugly head up when CCP changes chat systems. I went from running two accounts on low setting with no major problems to crashes left and right. At this point I decided to cut my loses and unsub my accounts.
Now I still love EVE online and wanna come back someday… yet!
The Mac client has some issues:
1: WINE - biggest issue there isn’t a true native client for Mac. CCP (from what I remember over the years) has stated that they have enough players on Mac to keep supporting it. They made the move from Cider to WINE and things were great for awhile. Then the DX changes started to happen and WINE was not progrsssing as fast as CCP software/art teams were on on that move.
— I personally would love to see CCP move from DX to Vulcan and MoltenVK
— is the Mac player base still enough to warrant manhours on maintaining? I don’t know the numbers, but from personal experience with my own game time, I think it’s about time to cut lose of the Mac client.
2: under the current requirements, CCPs spec recommendation for Mac users is the current 2017 27” imac - it comes in at like 2.5k$ (you can get a refurbed for like 2k).
3: CCPs dreams seem way out in deep space. They currently have issues, major or not is up to the player effected and CCP. Though I don’t know how major most of these problems are in the developers eyes. They may not even know how to fix it without causing the crazy ‘Hentai spaghetti monster’ that is the code base from becoming self aware and mining all the Veldspar.
As a player, all I can do is go off my personal experience - and right now I can’t see spending any of my money on EVE as being a healthy choice.


I support the above. Lets get a native mac client

Ultimately it will be a financial decision. As long as the client is stable under Wine, I expect CCP will continue to support Mac & Linux but it’s unrealistic to think they are likely to invest the development, maintenance and support effort for a native client when OSX market share is roughly 5.5%.

The move to 64 bit is imminent and I suspect the developers are pushing for a move to DX 12 (now 4 years old). It’s going to get progressively more difficult to support environments other than Windows. Even there, Microsoft drops support for Windows 7 in January and I doubt CCP will be far behind.

only reason we have a small market share because we have had to deal with playing in potato mode on a $4000 machine for years. If we had an actual mac client with real fps and graphics. you’d see an increase, what that would be debatable, however, the people i interact with all have macs due to my industry. i have had 3 start to play and quit on the first day because they couldnt get it to run and look good.

I totally agree that there should be better support for the Mac. Unless I keep the window very small, and minimize all graphics options, it crashes as soon as I undock. This is unacceptable. If CCP wants to claim to support the Mac, then they should support it a lot better than they do. Having to keep the window small is not just a minor matter of a slightly less cool experience. It puts players on a Mac at a significant disadvantage. With a small window, you end up having to pile your convo, Overview, cargo, scanner, etc. windows on top of each other. More than once I’ve died because I didn’t see my shields melting beneath several other window panes.

Why not? It always has in the past, and as Tellena says, it works pretty well with every other application except Eve. Now we have an issue with the launcher not working on the Mac. I haven’t been able to log in now for two days. And yes, I’ve done the little thing “that might help” of deleting the cookies. It made no difference.

I was joking because cost vs performance wise mac has always been 3x worse or more but yea eve is not a very intensive game so should work 100% even on a mac.

32bit wine is why this is an issue for the Mac.

Once the 64 bit Wine version hits this should no longer be an issue for you.

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