What's going on with Wine?

(Amarisen Gream) #1

@CCP Just wondering where we are at with the current state of Wine? The 2.* versions seem to crash the client. I have asked in other threads, but it feels like you guys are just brushing us off. Help us help you! Inform us about what issues your seeing or not seeing but hear about so we can see about testing for you.

Thank you and all the best.

(Amarisen Gream) #2

As we have gotten a new game patch, I’ve decided to check the status of the 2.* branch of wine again.

  • I have been able to warp, dock, jump gate, change ship without suffering a crash.

  • Upwell structures are cancer for my potato mode graphics - Docked I’m getting like 55-60 FPS. Undocking sees like ~3-35. Getting about the same when I am in space - Warping bumps me up to ~55 FPS.

  • Suns on low-graphics are just a solid color blob.

  • Time for bed.

(Amarisen Gream) #3

Never Mind - seems last nights no crashing has lead to this mornings crashing. Like a lot of crashing.

(Tahnil) #4

I am also experiencing trouble. The game seems to freeze and crash randomly. I‘m a little bit sad because I have no idea how to fix this issue. There is a myriad of combinations of configurations in the launcher preferences.

(Isis Loreda) #5

What branch / version are people using that isn’t crashing a lot (if any)? I just came back and it’s pretty unplayable on the default CCP latest stable

(Amarisen Gream) #6

The stuff pre 2.0.

(West of West) #7

Can’t turn audio back on without the client freezing. I have to force quit to log back in. I’m stuck without sound and have been for weeks.

(Amarisen Gream) #8

What version of wine? Will need more info, plus log files sent to CCP to help!

(Isis Loreda) #10

Since I feel like I’ve tried a lot of combinations of things with client settings to get something more stable, I thought I’d see what all the details are the others are using. Currently I’m still often crashing at gates - jumping into and off of primarily (though not exclusively).

Here’s what I’m about to try next. Note that I’ve tried the latest 1.9.17 and 1.9.10 already (among other versions and settigns)

Looks like it’s been an issue at least since end of last year judging by this archived thread:

Here’s a specific wine version to try based on a post from Oublier Heliock

Today, on a hunch, I downgraded wine to wine-1.9.10-190-g5068ea9-ccp-master-67 from “latest”

Now I can station dock without crashing consistently.

(Amarisen Gream) #11

Would be nice if CCP would reply.

(Wolfram Skywater) #12

I also had session change problems with the “ccp-master” Dev branch so I changed to the “winehq-stable” branch using the “Latest” wine version and the game has been 100% stable for me.

I’m not sure what is worse with this version over ccp-master but everything seems smooth…what is the trade-off?

(Amarisen Gream) #13

If you use the wine-hq you don’t have the “command key” hot keys for one.

(Dybbuch) #14

Persistent wine related crashes since update … usually when processing large volumes of data … opening cans full of BPO’s nostalgic trips to captains quarters for a last photo etc …
heres the pastebin from the minilogger … https://pastebin.com/WGQAxauq

(Isis Loreda) #15

Yep I’ve continued to try different versions and some crash less than others, but they all seem to crash. Tried the Latest winehq-stable among others in the stable, winehq-master and ccp-master branches.

I can’t tell that “run with dx9” makes any difference one way or the other. Can only hope that when something blows up due to session change crash that CCP will replace it…

(Amarisen Gream) #16

@CCP_Snorlax don’t know if this is your department, but I know you did a lot for wine! Can we get any word from you all please!

(CCP Snorlax) #17

Your logs indicate you are running out of memory - the main cause of crashes under Wine. Running at lower resolution helps, and/or lower quality settings. This isn’t so much a question of available memory in your machine, it’s the 32bit address space limit of running a 32bit process. There is some memory overhead of running under Wine when compared to Windows, and that is enough to push the client over the edge sometimes. The Retina displays on Mac also encourage high resolutions - maybe we need to start limiting the maximum resolution.

(Amarisen Gream) #18

Would that also be the reason people are crashing on undock, gate jump etc?

(CCP Snorlax) #19

There is often a lot of load activity on undock and gate jumps, which can spike the memory use, so that is likely, yes.

(Amarisen Gream) #20

Okay, so I just tried the current CCP-master

Picture of set up http://prntscr.com/g986wn

I run potato mode on my computer, and jumped one of my alpha accounts like 7 jumps and didn’t have any issues. So the undock and jumping didn’t seem to crash it anymore.

Would that load use be related in a way to the massive “cancer” of prior upwell structures not being well optimized!? Cause six months ago, I had no issues. Then we started this thread when problems started to arise, which CCP had just upgrades to the 2.* wine family back around July (maybe a little earlier). We have had a few improvements to the wine as well as to the optimization of the Upwell structures since then, (thinking out loud) which would lead to it not wanting to crash our computers do to the ram limit!

@CCP_Snorlax With CQ gone, and the client being able to move to 64 bit (thats what the dev-blog was saying was a major hold up), will WINE support that or are the Mac users still going to get left behind?

(Dybbuch) #21

im a stupid should I

  1. Not run multiple accounts
  2. run everything in potato …
    how do i get to see all of teh lovely work done by the art team …