Mac Crashes- Literally unplayable

(Kettrina Malice) #1

It gets pretty annoying when I whelp ships to war decs because of crashes. Seriously that patch, what a month ago? I can’t even play the game anymore for fear of crashing. Undock Jita? Crash. Undock Jita and for some reason don’t crash on undock, crash LITERALLY as soon as I hit warp.

My iMac can handle multiple clients, with sound, on max graphics, 2 monitors just fine. Close all but 1 client, potato mode it, and boom it crashes. It happens more frequently in Jita. But I bet it happens once an hour.

Even if I put in a ticket for reimbursement, I don’t get stuff that dropped back.

(Rufelza) #2

Did you see my post about how I fixed this issue for me?

(GM Mechanic) #3

Try changing to a different version of wine and see if that helps.

  • Start the launcher.
  • Click on EVE Online in the apple menu at the top of the screen and select Preferences.
  • Under wine options make sure “User Dev Version” is not ticked
  • Dev Branch should be ccp-master
  • Wine version should already be set to the the latest, change to wine-1.9.17-143-g91037ca-ccp-72

Then try running the game again and see if the issue persists.

(Amarisen Gream) #4

GM Mechanic:

I have been suffering the same issues on crashing when jumping/docking/undocking etc. I have been attempting to revert from the 2.6-2.9 CCP branch (was using the latest version on the CCP dev side as well as the non-dev side.

I am getting 771 of 1026 files downloaded and then it seems to stop working. I’ve attempted this twice now. Will continue you see what i can do.

edit: went back to the dev latest build, played a little bit tell i crashed again - GM Mechanic, I’ve attempted to send you an in-game mail with a link for the i share with CCP snorlax for log-lite files.

edit 2: okay, was finally able to revert to a pre 2.* wine version and the crashes stopped. I was able to dock, warp, jump, cloak, masterb… ah run a 8/10 without crashes.

edit 3: I am now into day 2 of not having any crashes after reverting to the 1.9.17 bench of wine.
Just having none honorable parties kill my ice cans. (weep)

(GM Mechanic) #5

Thank you for the update, I’ve been getting similar reports from others that were encountering these crashes crashes.

(Amarisen Gream) #6

Would it be possible to get an update on the status of the mac update! There hasn’t been much if anything in the patch notes of late.

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(Manoxtra) #7

Hello, i have the same issues with the client. Docking a station is 100% crash, jumping a gate 75%. I read that a player revert to an older wine client. I want to give that a try, but how?
Also i filed a bugreport with attachment of the clientreports when it crashes in both situations. and filed a personal ticket.


UPDATE: i deselected an option in the prefereces of the client, by deselecting ’ use dev versions ’ its stable for now.

(Cassandra Rex) #8

Has there been any follow-up with the random session change crashes on the Mac. It usually happens in the transition to warp drive just after a gate jump. Has happened pretty at least once per two hour game session.