How buggy would you rate this game on Mac?

I am looking to get a laptop for both business purposes and EVE Online. I’ve never owned a Mac but was kind of interested in looking at one as a potential option due to the high build quality- But if it cannot run EVE properly it’s a dealbreaker. How hard is it to play on a Macbook? How stable is it? Would you say playing on a Mac is a positive or negative experience?

I would say it is actually pretty stable on my mac.
I cant compare with the windows version, since I dont use it.

One issue I have is when undocking - sometimes my screen is still black when my invuln timer expires - which is a big risk. Having said that - my mac is a mid 2011, so a new one may be more efficient.

If you do have problems, all is not lost. You have two other options.

  1. You can boot windows on a mac - although of course you will need a windows licence to do so.
    It’s called boot camp and is relatively easy to set up. Not an ideal solution because running windows on a mac defeats the object of having a mac…

  2. Some people have success running the Windows EVE client, either under Wine, or crossover.

My mac
iMac 27" mid 2011 3.4GHz, 16gb, Radeon HD 6970M with 1024MB

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I think Eve runs smoother on even a lesser and old PC than a Mac. Though it does just run fine enough on Mac in my experience. :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to run multiple clients with WINE or would I be restricted to one?

My first 4+ years of EVE were spent playing it on a MacBook Pro and it ran quite nicely. Based upon my experience it is stable.

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Thanks for the comment! It’s actually a used MacBook Pro I’m looking at potentially buying, and I’ve never used Mac before, so it’s reassuring to hear that others have been able to work with it.

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For sure. I loved my MacBook Pro - it served me well for many years. I’ve never had a “gaming” computer but I have always been able to run EVE, whether on my MacBook Pro (in the past) or on my HP EliteBook (current), both of which lacked traditional gaming specs. You may have to tweak some of the performance options but I can almost guarantee you the game can still look very pretty and run very smoothly. Good luck!

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My entire EVE career has been on a Mac. Had some r cent issues with the current wine version, but we have the option to use older versions.

If the computer has the power, ram and GPU, you can run multiple accounts. A few years back I ran 3 accounts easy. Seeing as CCP has upgraded things in the last year, I now have days where two accounts can struggle (depends on what’s going on). My computer isn’t in the best condition anymore.

And welcome to the mac community. If you have any issues, please let us know via the forums and we will see how we can help you.


I’m playing on a base model early 2016 MacBook Air with a measly 4gb of RAM and it runs perfectly. The fan spins up occasionally when I’m in the scanning or industry windows, but otherwise it’s rock solid. I do keep the graphics turned down though.

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I’ve been playing on Macs since 2009, used to run 4 clients on a 2008 MacBook but the game has changed quite a bit and requires far more resources. Currently running two clients on 2015 MBP with the AMD GPU and can usually get away with having my main client full blown graphics with my alt at minimum. anti aliasing will slowly lock up your client, so best to leave off as I’ve even seen it cripple a 5k iMac. If you plan on being in big fleets (200+) turn everything to minimum and uncheck every box in the graphics settings of your client and only run one client. Max out your ram as well.

I don’t think eve likes Mac users or knows how to fix Mac problems…a week ago game started crashing and then not able to log on at all thru launcher…I’m not an expert but it seems wine won’t load can’t get any help…

super buggy, it causes kernel panics!