EVE: Online coming to MacOS users!

Good day, everybody!

Today, CCP has announced that EVE will be going native on the MacOS operating systems. This surely is exciting news for Apple users and it will expand the game accessibility for a lot of people. The platform expansion will be implemented in the beginning of 2021. So what do you guys think about this? Any thoughts and opinions?
Link to the dev-blog article:

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Will it be only Big Sur compatible or backwards to… Catalina? Mojave?

Great news.

More importantly though …

… we know your name already.

Excellent news ! :smiley:

This is an absolutely fantastic development. EVE on new M1 chip should be a solid experience. Thank you CCP!

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im in a 2014 imac
i love macs
pretend to sell my liver to buy a m1 next year

Dude what the ■■■■ is wrong with you?

Can I get a gif at least? :broken_heart: :crazy_face:

If you drink tons of alcohol it grows bigger and heavier …
… so when you get paid in weight, you’ll earn more!!

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I’m so helpful :blush:


wow my liver must be worth a fortune :smiley:

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Yes! :smiley:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND you can keep drinking on the spleen instead!!! :smiley:

mental note : keep drinking

avoid hangovers, stay drunk!

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Does it come with working chat?

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How about you stop releasing stuff no one asked for and fix the stuff that’s broken? Also why dont you do a press release on the mindset that was involved when you decided to let this memory leak in the chat servers go on for 2 years. Also tell us the brilliant and stunning mindset behind not having a damned monitoring service like Icinga watching your servers. We all know you don’t, otherwise chat wouldn’t be messed up for a week before someone notices.

There are Minecraft servers with more monitoring then a professional global service. Absolutely amazing. Get the hell out of my field, now please.

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