Mac Native Client

So they can support MacOS natively but not Linux, even though developing on Apple’s ecosystem, for starters, costs money, and secondly, is a logistical nightmare because you’re locked into their own Xcode toolset for compiling native binaries with valid certificates! What a load of dung.

i refuse to update my mac to the "games not allowed"version so i fear the mac native client will not be compatible with my mac
the wine one runs fine
but the future belongs to god as they say…

EVE Online to go native on macOS!

Please comment in the active thread the Devs are running for this subject. It makes it easier for the devs involved to actually track on questions or concerns.

They are taking feedback on usage of older macOS versions to try an maintain compatibility, though no promises at this point.

I’m here to winge about their lack of acknowledgement for Linux distributions, not to tell them what legacy Mac OS releases to support

I’m here to tell them what legacy Mac OS releases to support, not to twinge about their lack of acknowledgement for Linux distributions

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