macOS 10.15 Support

(Xavius Utama) #1

I know that CCP has stated that they are working on a 64 bit Mac client but now that the public beta of macOS 10.15 is just next month, I am concerned about availability. MacOS 10.15 does not support any 32 bit apps at all therefore WINE can’t run. Will WINE/Eve be ready for the public release this fall?

Will they offer a client for testing with the public beta next month? Will they commit to a client by the official release this fall?

I know Mac is the ugly step sister in supported OS’s. I just want to express my heart felt appreciation for what you have done for my platform. Let me know if I can help test the next client. I am already on macOS 10.15 and missing my daily Eve fix.


(eXeler0n) #2